Find out why you should always be registered, even if you're not going to vote.

There will be a general election within the next few months. But even if you don't plan to use your vote it's important you're registered on the electoral roll for a number of other reasons, particularly if you want to borrow money.

If you want credit, lenders will check if you're on the electoral roll as part of the application process. This is to make sure you live where you say you live, protecting them from fraudulent applications. If you want to see if you are on the Electoral Roll you can check with an Electoral Roll Search

It's a simple check but failing it could very quickly end your chances of getting a credit card, loan or mortgage.

Electoral roll myths
Even if you've moved home within the same area, you will need to register yourself at your new address

So, even if you have no intention of voting, you should:

  • Cancel any past registration to vote, especially if it goes back some years and several home moves.
  • Contact your local council or go online and register your current address.
  • Check that your new registration is shown on your credit report.

And if you do want to vote in the upcoming election, you should register now before it's too late.

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