We’re always deeply moved when clients describe how much our UK people-finding services mean to them. One recent review, in particular, has struck a chord with the whole FinderMonkey team and encouraged us to reflect on the many searches we’ve completed so far during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The review was written by a lovely client called Paula after she asked us to trace an individual who’d been missing from her life for over 30 years. There are many factors to consider, both practical and emotional, when you’re thinking about trying to find someone. Paula initially contacted us in 2015, but it wasn’t until several years later that she felt the time had come to proceed.

As she explains in her review, recent world events motivated her to press on. In Paula’s words, ‘it took 5 years & a global pandemic to give me the courage to give the go ahead for the search to begin’. She remembers being in an ‘it’s now or never’ frame of mind at that point.

Why More People Are Searching for Long-Lost Loved Ones in the Pandemic FinderMonkey

Tracing Family and Friends Now Feels More Urgent

Paula’s words are likely to resonate with many individuals in similar positions. In a nutshell, the pandemic is prompting a growing number of people around the world to request specialist help to search for long-lost relatives, old friends and other individuals in the hope of ultimately being reunited.

In fact, it’s a trend that has captured the attention of the media. For example, The Washington Post has reported on individuals being ‘seized with a new urgency’ to trace absent loved ones since early 2020. As people-finding experts, we’ve witnessed this phenomenon. In the remainder of this article, we’ll explore some of the potential reasons why numerous individuals are trying to reconnect with absent loved ones as a direct result of the pandemic.

Isolation Makes People More Aware of the Void

During the past 12 months or so, national lockdowns and related restrictions on travel and socialising have left many people feeling isolated. That’s why mental health charities are encouraging us all to nurture our relationships and find ways to connect with each other.

Against this backdrop, you can’t help but feel the absence of someone special even more than usual. You may well be increasingly keen to find that person; to reach out and, hopefully, fill the void.

More Time to Reflect on Life and Make Changes

The furlough scheme, the end of the daily commute, cancelled events, the closure of shops, restaurants and gyms… If your diary has been pretty empty for a while now, you’re not alone. Many people have had more time on their hands since the pandemic began.

Without your normal routine to keep you busy, you’re more likely to sit back and reflect on what really matters to you in life and whether there are any loose ends that need to be tied up. That may well include tracing someone special you lost touch with some time ago or haven’t yet had the chance to have meaningful contact with (a missing birth parent, for example).

What’s more, the pandemic has made many of us more concerned about our health and that of people we love. You may well be wondering how a long-lost loved one is coping or whether there are health issues in your family tree you don’t already know about. Reconnecting with a missing individual can help to give you peace of mind.

A Powerful Reminder of How Precious Life is

The pandemic has been characterised by uncertainty. You only need to watch the news these days to be powerfully reminded of how fragile – and precious – life is, as well as how much relationships and friendships matter.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking about that person you’ve been wanting to trace for a long time and are asking yourself if not now, when? Perhaps the pandemic has given you a new sense of urgency, a new focus, in relation to your search. Perhaps, like Paula, you’re now ready to move forwards with expert help.

Expert People-Finders with a 92% Success Rate

Our people-finding expertise made it possible for Paula to have contact with the person she’d wanted to find for so long. We’d love to try and help you too.

You can rely on FinderMonkey’s caring approach, tracing skills, advice and professionalism. ‘The whole team are supportive, respectful & nonjudgmental, I can’t praise them enough,’ Paula emphasises.

Why not call us today on 0113 282 5900 and see how we can help with your search?