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What to consider before you look for someone?

Hi there, I’m Dave Oates, Head Researcher at FinderMonkey.

FinderMonkey are the UK’s Premier Service for finding lost family and old friends. Today I wanted to talk to you about, “What people should consider before starting a search with FinderMonkey and what to consider before you look for someone”.

Now for most people who are looking to start a search its something that they’re thinking about for a long time. If you’re one of those people who think about this kind of thing and it crops up time and time again. Then it’s very likely you will always think about it. That is until you’ve actually gone ahead and done it and started to look for someone.

It’s important to say that you’ve only got one chance to get these things right. So that’s why you need to use a premier service like ours.

It’s not a case of finding an address and supplying it to you, that’s only half and sometimes less than half of the battle. There is much more to the story and the whole complications of trying to get back in touch with somebody. Most people need that help and support when trying to look for someone and get in contact with that person.

How we can help

At FinderMonkey helping that person through the process is part of our service. As well as helping you, and the person you’re looking for, through the process. That’s what FinderMonkey is all about. It’s about not just finding people for you, but also help you through that process.

It’s also important to prepare yourself for all possible outcomes of a search when starting to look for someone. Now you know people often fear that the person that we’re looking for doesn’t want to have contact with them. They also think that the person they’re looking for could have passed away. Now both of those are real possibilities. But it’s also very possible the person you are looking for would be happy to have been contacted.

That is the outcome most people look for.

Until you look you won’t actually know what the outcome is going to be after you start to look for someone.

How we have helped others

It’s also reminded me of a story that we did a year or so ago for Jennifer and John. Jennifer and John were twins, who had been separated for 40 years. They were in their early 70s, when they first came to us. Jennifer had been looking for John for over 40 years since he’d disappeared.

When John disappeared, all those years ago his car was found at abandoned at Dover. There was an assumption by many people that he’d passed away. Yet there was no trace ever found of his body. Interpol couldn’t find him. Various other organisations tried to find John and were unsuccessful. This led to John being declared deceased. This was six years after he went missing.

Jennifer believed that he hadn’t passed away. She’d got to a point in her life where she wanted to try one last time to try and find him. By doing this she wanted to feel that she’d done everything she could to try and find him. Jennifer came to us, I remember speaking to her. From talking to her I understood how important it was to her and how much she wanted to find him. I remember promising her that we would leave no stone unturned and we would do whatever we could to try and find him. I said “If he was here, that we would find him”.

We did a full search of the UK for John. There was no trace of him in the UK. We discussed that with Jennifer and she said that she had a gut instinct that if he’d have gone anywhere else in the world, that it would have been Spain. We agreed with Jennifer that we would search in Spain to find John. Through our network of agents, which are all around the world, and with our agents in Spain, we managed to find John.

FinderMonkey enabled Jennifer to be put back in contact with him and there’s a video of that story on our website (Click here for the video). Jennifer and John tell their own stories in this video. I suggest you have a look at it, because it’s a really heartwarming and a lovely story. It also demonstrates what’s possible by using FinderMonkey. Many people think that what we do is not possible. That we can actually be able to find the person that they’re looking for.

What should I do next

Now, if you spoke to us already about doing a search and you’ve got any more questions get in contact with us, give us a call on 0113 282 5900 or drop us an email.

If you’ve never spoken to us and are interested in doing a search, then there are many different ways you can get in touch, but please give us a ring or drop us an email. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook to look for someone today.