Project Description


What is your success rate?

Our overall success rate is 92%. We are very proud of this. How do we do this? We have a unique system for finding people…

Most people who come to us don’t have much information to go on. So if that’s you don’t worry, you’re normal. You might only have a name and an area or an approximate age. So how can we find someone with such little information? The answer lies in our research system.

Rather than taking the information you have and immediately looking for your person. We carry out research on your person to fill in the blanks of their life. So we’ll take the information you’ve provided, cross reference it and confirm all the facts to make sure that we can find the exact person you’re looking for.

Our belief is that if you ask us to find someone you should be confident that we do everything we can to help you. Adding this step allowed us to look into searches properly. It allowed us to order documents and carry out genealogy searches. This means we can fill in your blanks, get the right level of information and crack the case. Once we’ve got the necessary information, we can use it to find the right persons current address. All of these steps are what makes our success rate as high as possible.