Project Description


Our success rate is 92% but that means we fail in 8 out every 100 searches we are asked to do. So what happens if you fall into this category?

Firstly you’ll have a phone call with a researcher who will explain why we can’t help. They also write you a report containing all the information we have found. This is provided in the hope that it jogs your memory or lets you speak to people again. A search that we can’t conclude successfully is called a ‘Not Currently Found’ – basically this means if you take our report and pick up the baton and manage to find some extra information that we can use within 12 months we’ll reopen the case and continue working it for no extra charge. This would usually be on the basis of you speaking to people who might have their mind jogged by something in the report we provide. We also try a Facebook campaign and we are developing an online message board where we can place some details of your search for people to check.