What happens if they don’t want to know me/don’t want contact?

This does sometimes happen and something you are correct to consider. We encourage all our customers to use our intermediary service so we can put you back in touch with your person. We can do it in a way that suits both of you. The worst thing you can do is turn up unannounced and knock on their front door. Even if you write a letter you can easily be emotional and write the wrong things. We see this happen so often that we are creating an Aftercare pack to ensure you make contact in the correct way and don’t ruin any chance of a relationship or even a conversation by jumping in too fast. You have to remember that you may be excited that you have their address and it might be a great time for you to connect with them but they might not be in the same emotional state. Our intermediary service will protect you. It is an additional service and details of the price can be seen on our prices page.

If you follow our advice and allow us to make the initial contact for you then in 99/100 they will want to know you in some capacity at the end of our process. That could be anywhere on a scale of writing letters to each other via our company or going to Disney World together as we have had many cases of both over the last ten years.