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Welcome to the FinderMonkey Weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

This week’s video is a real treat. Our Head Researcher David Oates is talking to our DNA expert John Arko.

John has been with FinderMonkey for over 12 years, in fact he is one of the founders of the business!

John has been working on our DNA searches for the last three years. In that time has become a leading expert on the subject of using DNA to trace birth relatives.

To be clear, when we say a DNA search it is not as simple as you uploading your DNA to Ancestry and then finding the person you are looking for. That can happen but usually there is much more work involved.

When you add your DNA to Ancestry it will match you to family members, some of these could be distant, others will be closer. John and his team can look at these matches and start to establish common ancestors. Once that’s done relevant family trees can be built and more research can be done to push closer and closer to a match.

It’s fascinating work and if you’re looking for a birth relative with limited information, we’d love to tell you more about our service. In this week’s video David and John discuss;

  • How we can find birth relatives with no information
  • How your relative doesn’t have to have taken a DNA test for us to be able to find them
  • How we recommend that they do take a test when we have
  • How we can now use your DNA to locate family members
  • How we can perform just two DNA tests but then transfer your DNA to other databases. This helps to maximise the number of potential matches we find. In turn this increases the chances of a successful search
  • How we work to identify maternal/paternal matches, depending on who you are looking for
  • The amount of work that goes into each case, having to build multiple family trees to find a common ancestors for you
  • How we can then move forward and put all the pieces of the puzzle togrther for you

It’s really interesting work and a key part of our research now. So, if you’re looking for maybe your birth father but you know nothing about him, not even his name then you really need to check this video out.

Also, this week…

It’s been a busy week in the office. We’ve had our best week of the year so far in terms of the number of new clients we have over 60 this month so far! Plus, a record number of people, we have found. We’re also focusing on our ‘Safe Search’ policy and ensuring that anyone involved in a search feels safe and secure.


Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine, and we hope for a fast conclusion to what is happening over there. We feel sure that sadly families will be separated due to the conflict and are thinking of ways we can help support families.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 9 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 9 FinderMonkey

Did you know?

We’re obsessed with being the best agency in the world. We want you to know that you‘re in the right place, that we’re safe, ethical, legal, and determined. We’re also honest and hard working. We don’t hide either, we’re not just a website. If you choose us, we’ll always be on the other end of the phone if you have any questions or even if you have a little wobble.

All this being said…we want you to be a part of all this too! It’s a real collaboration to find someone. All this effort and support, the desire to help and get you answers, well in truth none of that happens without you anyway so we have to work together to help you find closure and reconnect with the person you’re looking for.