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Welcome to the FinderMonkey Weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

It’s really important when you’re thinking of using a website to understand if it’s safe, legal and ethical and that you can trust it at all.

That’s why we’re always stressing that we are not a faceless website, we’re a real bricks and mortar business based in Leeds. Who specialise in finding people all over the UK and beyond.

But why can you trust us?

In this week in FinderMonkey Weekly we talk about trust and your safety.

Firstly, David Oates our Head Researcher is joined by Our Head Trace Consultant James Thackray. James has been with the business for over 8 years and is very experienced at talking potential clients through the service and explaining how it works.

James talks about the key aspects of his role when speaking to potential clients.

  1. Guidance. Providing details of the service but tying that in with the clients needs and expectations.
  2. Safeguarding. How he and his team explain how we keep you safe during and after our process.
  3. Contact. How we always act as an intermediary so we can keep you and the person you are looking for safe. Don’t worry about this part, we can ensure we attempt contact when you are ready to do so and would never attempt to contact anyone without your consent.
  4. Support. How the team support you as much as you need throughout the process.

It’s a great video and I am sure you will find it very informative.

We also launched our Safeguarding page. This page tells you how and why you can trust us and how we take your safety seriously. It’s important for you to know that we will protect everything from your identity, your money, and your mind when you use our services. So have a read of THIS SAFEGUARDING PAGE to find out more about it.

We like to make sure we can keep you safe but also the person you are looking for.

We have to ensure they consent to contact, and we like to work with both of you to do that. In some searches this part is really quick, great if you are looking for an old friend and you’ve just lost contact. That can change when families are involved and they have been separated through adoption or the breakup of a relationship, these clients often need more support but of course we are there to deliver all that for you.

More from us next week. In the meantime, if you like what you have read then you can catch previous posts here.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 8 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 8 FinderMonkey

Did you know?

We really do care.

Throughout the whole search we’ll be there, right by your side for emotional support, advice and providing information to help you feel at ease every step of the way.

We treat every search as if it’s the most important we’ll ever do.