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Welcome to the FinderMonkey Weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

This week our Head Researcher David Oates talks all about adoptions.

First, he tells of a story of an adopted lady who had shown interest in finding her birth family some 30 years ago, she had resisted an appeal for contact with her local authority and adoption agency, but this was never followed up on.

Fast forward to now, we received instruction from this lady’s sister to find her.

She had found out she had a sister a few years back when her mother passed and had tried everything she could to find her but the fact her sister was adopted threw up brick walls and restrictions for her at every turn. After some online searching she foudn us and she instantly instructed us to help.

Once we accessed the records and saw the request on file from 30 years ago, we we’re delighted as we knew to expect a positive outcome on contact. Sure enough, both parties are overjoyed to be back in touch and so are we.

Reconnecting them through our built in intermediary service we’re able to support them both and help them understand the circumstances and manage their feelings and expectations until they were ready connect direct.

We always say, just because the person you are looking for hasn’t already found you doesn’t mean they don’t want contact. We find various reasons (such as this one) that can create explanations and anomalies as to why you are not already in touch with who you’re looking for.

Looking for an adopted sibling, birth parents, old friend, father, mother, son or daughter, it doesn’t matter. If it’s important to you then you owe it to yourself (and the person you’re looking for) to find answers and closure and just maybe they have been wanting to find you too all along and just not quite known how to do or thought they had already done all they can.

It’s important that some takes first step, the leap of faith and when you do, we always insist that we will do everything we can to solve your case and leave no stone unturned to find you answers.

The second half of the video is all value! If you were adopted and are looking for further information about your adoption, where it took place, who dealt with it and how to source accessing this kind of information then this is a must watch.

David runs through how you can do all of this by utilising the Adoption Search Reunion website and databases.

The site can help you uncover more about your adoption, how to source and where to access records that will give you more insight into your adoption records.

We hope you enjoy the video, there are a few external links below to some lovely stories from this week’s news too, just click the images to check them out.

And of course, if you need help finding someone, it all starts with a quick phone call. We will just need to run through the information you have first to understand your situation, the circumstances, the details you have and where we need to search then we can determine which level of service will best for you, run through the cost involved and explain how it all works too. Call us on 0113 2825900 or book a free callback below.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 5 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 5 FinderMonkey
Did you know? We work for clients all around the world. Often a mix of looking for relatives and friends, most are looking for people in the more obvious countries such as the UK, Australia or Canada. Now and then we are asked to search in countries such as Libya and Paraguay too (yes both of these searches were successful!). We endeavour to always source the best global network of researchers to ensure the best chances of success for you, no matter where the search takes us.