The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 3 FinderMonkey

Welcome to the FinderMonkey Weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

This week our video is from David Oates our Head Researcher and Dr Joanna North our Safeguarding Consultant, and it’s all about outcomes.

They are the specialists in all aspects of searching for people and the all important support once someone has been found.

We spend a lot of time working with our clients to make sure they feel prepared to deal with the various outcomes that come with our work.

Once we have located the person you are looking for then, when you are ready, we will attempt to contact them. We have a proven process for doing this that gets great results on many occasions.

However, we cannot control the outcomes and sometimes for different reasons, things don’t go to plan. For example, we can find that someone has passed away or sometimes it is not the right time for them to have contact with our client. It’s important to understand that and we hopefully support our clients to think about these outcomes.

Today’s video also touches on some other aspects of people tracing such as the 1921 census, so it is worth watching.

Also, this week we have been working with Joanna and looking at various aspects of safeguarding. We do this each month and it’s a great way to ensure our clients, the people we locate and also ourselves are protected and working effectively and safely.

Finally, in this week’s other stories we have a wonderful piece about Polish Jewish sisters orphaned and separated 80 years ago are reunited by DNA test, its such a lovely story and well worth a read.

If you feel like you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you just arrange a call back with one of the team and they will talk you through how we can help.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 3 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 3 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 3 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 3 FinderMonkey