The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 27 FinderMonkey

Welcome to another FinderMonkey weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

It’s been a strange week. Monday and Tuesday were unbearably hot in the office. Despite having our fans on, it just seemed to blow the hot air around.

As you will know its cooled down and now, as we write this on Friday morning it’s a cool 15 degrees.

We’ve had another busy week. Our trace team have been especially busy, and we have found debtors, family members and old friends all over the world this week.

We have a range of external researchers that our in-house team can call upon should they need some local information that is not available online. This helps us keep our success rates really high.

We’ve also finalised two charities that we are supporting. We want to give a little bit of something back. The two charities are…

Access to Justice

Access to Justice believe everyone should have access to justice, yet two thirds of the UK population don’t know how to get legal advice and there are 14 million people living in poverty who can’t afford it.

A lack of access to justice leads to issues of poverty, homelessness, ill health, unemployment, broken households, and many other social and personal difficulties.

Separated Child

Imagine having to flee your homeland because of war, terror, or persecution…

Imagine being a child or young person…

Imagine not having your parents with you because they were killed before you left or were unable to leave…

Imagine arriving in a strange country, seeking asylum, completely alone…

Imagine having absolutely nothing.

Seperated Child support these children.

We believe that these are two great organisations for us to support. You can find out more about our work with these organisations by clicking here.

This week’s video for Head Researcher David Oates is all about what prompted people to go ahead with a search at the start of the process.

It’s full of his thoughts and suggestions that might help you with your search.

Need help? Book a callback here

Amazing stories from other places

Amazing stories from other places

The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 27 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 27 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 27 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 27 FinderMonkey