The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 25 FinderMonkey

Welcome to another FinderMonkey weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

Firstly, a huge apology we’re on week 25 and have just found out that people have not been able to access the webpage correctly on their mobile phones.

I’m pleased to say that this is now resolved and you can catch all previous Newsletters on our main Blog Page Here.

We want the FinderMonkey weekly to be as useful to you as possible so if you have any ideas or questions, you would like us to answer please get in touch.

This weeks video is called – Birth relatives contacting adopted people.

This weeks David our Head Researcher is back on the subject of locating adopted people.

This is something that we specialise in. It is important work, and it is governed by adoption law. Dave talks about this and how we can help when we follow that law.

We have also written a blog post about it that you can view here.

None Adoption work

Of course, most people who come to us are not affected by adoption. That doesn’t mean their search is less important to them. We understand that every search we will ever do is the most important to that individual client.

What we have done over the last 4 years is marry the professionalism of adoption work to the rest of our work.

It is strange that when adoption is involved there are many laws to protect people and Ofsted regulate the whole industry. To be clear we 100% support that. We just found it strange that for non adoption work it is still a bit of a free for all.

That’s why we just decided to carry out all work to the same high standard. That way everyone is protected.

Protecting people & supporting everyone including us, but why?

We work hard to protect you as our client. We must also keep the person you are looking for safe and the business too. When we say ‘keep them safe’ we are not meaning from you. What we mean is it can be emotional to find someone, it can also be emotional to be found.

We recognise that and focus on emotionally supporting both parties. We find this gets the best outcomes.

We also support our team. Everyone at FinderMonkey and our sister company Joanna North Associates has ongoing training. Josh Gibson and Sophie Joynes are both starting counselling courses in September for example.

Both research teams have reflective practice sessions and safeguarding meetings. Some of our work is emotionally heavy and the team hear some intense and emotional stories. It is important that they get to unpack that and discuss it. Our team meetings with Dr Joanna North allow is to do that.

The Rebrand

We are in the process of renaming the company. FinderMonkey has served us well but as we continue to change the industry, we need a new, more professional name. The change is coming soon but it is proving something of a challenge.

Until next week, remember…When you’re ready to search. We’re ready to find.

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Amazing stories from other places

Amazing stories from other places

The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 25 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 25 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 25 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 25 FinderMonkey