The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 24 FinderMonkey

Welcome to the FinderMonkey weekly.

Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

Another busy week in the office this week. Lots of brilliant work being carried out by the team.

We had two really good customer reviews this week. These are from people just like you who have been through the process.

One was from Melinda. She came to us in a real panic. Her Mum is very ill in a hospice and had decided she would like to reconnect with an old friend.

Melinda asked us if we could find and arrange contact with her Mums friend. The only problem was we had hours to do the whole search.

It was all hands to the pump. We had to make this happen. We did!

Here is Melinda’s five-star review…

“Highly recommend FinderMonkey, don’t wait, do it today, tomorrow maybe to late x

I contacted FinderMonkey to find an old friend, well a married couple for my mum who is terminally ill. She doesn’t have long left and was asking to see them. Time wasn’t on our side and so I thought it would come too late. However, after speaking with Sue and explaining the situation, Sue assured me they would do their very best for me. They did just that, within 24 hours I got a call from FinderMonkey, Sue confirmed they found them and have made contact. 5 minutes after, while I was still with my mum, my phone rang and it was mums’ old best friend, it absolutely made her day and mine. The service provided by Sue/FinderMonkey is priceless. Compassion and empathy was shown throughout! I was unsure at first as I only knew their nicknames, surname, where they lived in the 1980’s and that they had 3 daughters, so didn’t want to get my mums hopes up. Amazing work and I will be forever grateful for what they did for my mum. If you need to find someone then FinderMonkey is the place to go”

This week also the conclusion of another search and another five-star review.

This time from our client Paul.

He came to us wanting to know who his father was. He left us with 4 new siblings!

“I approached FinderMonkey with the task of finding out who my biological father is. I had no info to share with them, I had already submitted a DNA test, so they had a little to go on. Within 2 weeks they had narrowed their finds down to 3 possibilities and after a potential sibling submitted a DNA sample and a what felt like a lifetime the results came back and confirmed she was my half sibling. Unfortunately, my father had passed away, but I now know who he was. I am meeting my 4 new siblings this weekend. Thank you again to FinderMonkey and thank you to John who saw in the crucial final stages with me. I would recommend FinderMonkey to anyone who does not know where to turn with their search.”

Our Head Research Consultant David Oates returns again with another quality video for you to enjoy too.

You can watch it above. All FinderMonkey Weekly videos are also available on our YouTube Channel, FinderMonkey TV.

See you next week for another FM Weekly.

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Amazing stories from other places

Amazing stories from other places

The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 24 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 24 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 24 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 24 FinderMonkey