The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 23 FinderMonkey

Welcome to this week’s FinderMonkey Weekly newsletter.

It’s been a good week in our offices here at FMHQ

Extremely warm though!

We have had some wonderful reviews this week too so look out for them below.

We’ve also been working hard on all our searches so if you’re already onboard with us then watch this space.

Right, this week’s video is about the adoption contact register.

Some people might be familiar with it and that’s great.

If you don’t know what the adoption contact register is, the General Register Office is a place where people can put their details if they wish to be in touch with a birth relative they have become separated from through adoption.

Birth relatives can also use this register to add a wish for no contact if desired, although this is rare.

Scotland has its own register. England and Wales used to have the Norcap register but this no longer exists.

There are many smaller websites that have contact registerers too so it’s worth a check around the internet.

Obviously, be careful and research where you may be giving any personal data.

So, there are lots of places where you can add your details or search for a birth relative’s with for future contact.

These registers can play a key part in an adoption search.

The contact register system is in theory really good. But in practise it doesn’t work particularly well.

This is for a number of reasons…

  • There is more than one register (meaning not everyone is aware or expresses their wish for contact on the same one, they are not interconnected)
  • A lot more adopted adults are on their and not as many births’ relatives. So, because of this you are less likely to get a match (this is often the case as most birth relatives aren’t aware and at the time of adoption are told contact would never happen)

Things have changed a lot over the last few decades and through our work with our sister company Joanna North Associates who an Ofsted rated Outstating Adoption Support agency can we help both adoptees and birth relatives find and reconnect with each other and legally facilitate contact and support throughout.

The reason David wanted to talk to you today via this video was because two clients considered giving up.

They had been on the adoption contact register for many years and assumed this meant contact wasn’t wanted and had ultimately decided there was nothing else they could do.

Trust us, its not the case and there can be so much more at play.

Watch this week’s video to find out more.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 23 FinderMonkey
The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 23 FinderMonkey

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