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If you’re new here, then this is our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

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This week’s video is really good and David Oates, our head researcher is in top form.

Here he talks about the questions we get asked all the time.

Watch now to find out more…

Anybody who works at either FinderMonkey or Joanna North Associates (our sister company who deal with all of our adoption related work), we often get asked what we do.

When we tell people they always say ‘Wow what an amazing job you’re so lucky to help people in the way you do’.

Of course, that is totally right. It is a total privilege to help our client help them regain contact with their lost family and friends.

The next question that nearly always follows that is, well that’s ok but what happens if people don’t want to be found? Now that is a great question and really valid.

So, what’s the answer. Well in truth its actually pretty simple. We don’t force anyone to be in touch.

Our role is to ask the question and work with the people we find to get an outcome that suits both parties. Some people might think that it is wrong to look and even try to find someone but as David says in his video, he would disagree with that.

Whilst there are occasionally people who don’t want to be found it’s very hard to prejudge what the outcome will be, so to be fair to all parties you should find you person and through an intermediary ask them the question.

A recent example is a client who was looking for a member of his birth family and sadly that person had died but perhaps more difficult was that the deceased family member was abusive to his family.

You would think in that situation that this family would want nothing to do with our client, actually the opposite was true. The response from them was actually fantastic and they have been really welcoming. The reunion has been fantastic so you just never know what the outcome will be.

There are lots of reasons why people might seek each other out for contact. If you are wondering about a person whether that is an old friend or a family member. There is a good chance they will be wondering about you too.

There might be something that stops them from reaching out to gain contact with you. Maybe a person or situation in their life. Maybe they don’t know how, and they haven’t thought to look for a company like us to do the work.

Wouldn’t it be such a shame if you never got to meet because you neither party would make the first move.

Food for thought?

We’ll see you all next week.

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 18 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 18 FinderMonkey

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