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Welcome to the FinderMonkey Weekly. Our weekly deep dive into the world of people tracing.

This week is all about DNA.

Utilising your DNA to find lost relatives is revolutionary, it’s certainly changed our industry…and for the better!

We are now able to solve cases that were otherwise ‘impossible’ and DNA has been the key to unlock family history to help find long lost siblings, people separated by adoption, birth parents, discover more about your ethnicity and in most cases finding birth fathers – even when you know nothing about him – yes, it is possible.

In this week’s newsletter, our head research David Oates touches on the DNA processes.

He talks about its uses and how you can utilise sites such as Ancestry, My Heritage, 23 & me and Family Tree DNA and their online databases to unlock the past to help piece together the missing parts of the puzzle to give you more clarity on the present.

Recently we have seen shows such as DNA Journey on ITV help two celebrities uncover their family histories and the return on DNA Family Secrets on BBC2 which helps people find answers to life-changing questions through the power of a DNA test.

DNA searches to find fathers in particular is rapidly becoming one of our core services, people have so many unanswered questions. Often people are unaware of who their father is and are left thinking they will never find out.

There can be a lot of disbelief around the possibility of it working. We are conducting searches like this every single day now.

There are so many stories in the news lately about the uses of DNA too, check out our Facebook page, we share a lot of stories each week of remarkable stories from around the world.

We urge you not to give up hope, take a DNA test and see what unfolds. Delve into those connections and start to connect the dots. The answers are out there and this will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s not a quick, easy process. It will take time and if you need help with it then we’d be happy to discuss how we can take the reins and our DNA experts and genealogists can guide you through it all to find you answers.

We wish you all the best on your journey, see you next week!

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The FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 16 FinderMonkeyThe FinderMonkey Weekly - Week 16 FinderMonkey

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