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Tenant Done A Runner

If your tenant has buggered off and still owes you rent or has damaged your property you are probably upset, this is natural, here we’ll have a quick look about what options are available to you and hoe we can help you by tracing them to their next address. It is estimated that 10% of tenants will become large pains in your arse at one time or another so it is best to have all weapons sharpened and ready for when they do.

If they do a runner you have to be careful to look at the matter objectionably, can you be bothered going to the trouble of trying to get your money back? Surely, its good to know where they have gone so you can at least send a letter to ask for your money back* but you are you just better off getting them out of your life. They sat that if you wake up things about your tenant and not your family you have the wrong tenant, so if they were a royal pain maybe you are better off forgetting about them. Still nice to have their address and maybe send a solicitors letter though?

*Careful, you can be charged with harassment if you do much more than politely ask for your money back! which doesn’t seem fair when the mortgage company are harassing you!

We have a hassle free way to help if you do have a absconded tenant with our cost effective tenant tracing service. Put simply we’ll find where the tenant has moved to for you. What you do after this point is up to you but we can give you the satisfaction of knowing where they moved to after they absconded.  All our searches are done legally and ethically, we are highly regulated so in the event that you do end up taking them to court you can quite happily explain to the court how you got their new address without landing yourself in trouble.

Why use us

  • Finalists at the 2012 Debt Collection Awards for Tracing Team of the Year
  • Credit Services Association regulated, Office of Fair Trading licensed and Data Protection compliant – means you’ll get a legal, accurate service
  • Guaranteed results –we’ll find them or you don’t pay, furthermore what we supply will be right or you’ll get your money back

So, we’ll trace them to a new address, if we can’t there is no charge. If we can its just a one off payment of £65 and the result is guaranteed. We do this every day for landlords throughout the UK so if you’re in this position at the moment feel free to give us a ring or visit our tenant tracing page.

If you decide to take the matter further and get your money back you can try any of the following

  •     Small Claims Summons
  •     Attachment of Earnings
  •     Charging Order
  •     Bankruptcy Demand
  •     Winding Up Demand

But to do any of these you will need their current address which is where we come in. We hope this has given you some encouragement if your tenant has done a runner. If you need any help or advice then please give us a call on 0113 2825900 and we’ll be happy to help you. Good luck if your tenants done a runner.

Tenant Done A Runner FinderMonkey
The Outcome, For Me Was Fantastic
Tenant Done A Runner FinderMonkey

"We saw a story about FinderMonkey on the internet and they sounded like they could help me. The outcome for me was fantastic I could never have done it without FinderMonkey and I am very grateful for the great job they did for me."

- Gary Humm

Tenant Done A Runner FinderMonkeyTenant Done A Runner FinderMonkey

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Tenant Done A Runner FinderMonkey

Tenant Done A Runner FinderMonkey