Received a Letter From Us? – Read On To Find Out Why

If you have received a letter from us you are probably wondering who we are and what the letter is about.

About Us

FinderMonkey is a reputable people finder company featured on the BBC series Family Finders, we specialise in reuniting lost family members and friends throughout the world. We work for members of the public to locate people they have lost touch with, this could be an old friend, a lost relative, a biological parent or beneficiary.

So why have you received a letter?

If you have received a letter asking you to contact us then potentially you are either the person we are looking for, a good match for a person that we are looking for or we believe you may know the person we are looking for.

Don’t worry!

We will never ask you for any money. Our client has paid for our services and therefore no payment will be requested from you in relation to this matter at any point. It will not cost you a penny but could put you back in touch with someone.

Any discussion we have is completely confidential and the person you speak to will be experienced in dealing with contact of this nature. You can be assured of our discretion.

We have a duty of care not only to our client but to the people we find and therefore if you do not wish to have contact with our client we will, of course, respect your right to privacy. At this stage we have not shared any of your contact details or information with our client and we would prefer to speak with you before we do so. In some instances, some people do not want their information divulged and we can usually accommodate this once we have spoken with you.

You can contact us directly on 0113 282 5900 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.

I Hope My Story Helps Encourage Others
Received A Letter FinderMonkey

"Please do pass on my gratitude to Sue and all at FinderMonkey. You are all doing a very important job. I hope my story helps encourage other people to find lost loved ones missing from their lives!"

- Rosie Newman

Received A Letter FinderMonkeyReceived A Letter FinderMonkey

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Received A Letter FinderMonkey

Received A Letter FinderMonkey