Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together to Find Lost Relatives FinderMonkeyAs they say, blood is thicker than water and family ties are difficult bonds to break, however, despite this, for many reasons, families can end up drifting apart or being separated. That said, even years of separation cannot diminish this bond and it leads to many following this pull and attempting to find their long lost relatives  and reconnect.

The decision to reach out is a big one and should be treated as such, meaning that it’s crucial to consider the feelings and wishes of any lost relatives  you’re trying to contact. It’s for this reason that the company you choose to help you needs to have not just the experience, but also a firm understanding of all the legal and safeguarding aspects at play.

The Complex Process of Finding Lost Family

When trying to locate lost relatives , you’re typically talking about people who you’ve not seen for many years, so all kinds of things are likely to have happened during this time. They may have remarried, changed their name and moved home several times – sometime even to another country. This is why expert help is often required for a positive outcome to be achieved.

Finding long lost relatives  is a little bit like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, with historical records needing to be scoured to find leads that uncover other leads and more details about the person being sought. Electoral rolls, marriage records and other documentation needs to be closely analyzed to glean this information, taking time that many people just don’t have.

Getting the Experts on the Case

In addition to having to know what to look for as part of the relative tracing  process, a range of other safeguarding issues need to be considered, making it hard for the average person to get the desired result. This is why many people turn to professional companies, with many regulated and unregulated firms existing across the United Kingdom.

It’s not recommended to try any company that’s unregulated, as you can’t be sure that all the laws and safeguarding issues are properly accounted for. Some of these companies simply give out a name and address – if indeed they’re actually able to find your lost relative  – meaning that customers can simply get in contact, representing a very risky approach.

This approach fails to consider the fact that the family member in question might not want to be reached and there’s no way of telling if the person making the search is doing so with good intentions in mind. All things considered, using a registered relative tracing company is the only sensible route to take.

An Expert, Informed Hand to Guide Your Search

At FinderMonkey, we have years of experience in tracking down lost relatives , with every step being taken with care and understanding. Our team’s extensive skills allow us to find family members when others can’t and we take great care to support you every step of the way.

Not only that, but we always adhere to all domestic and international relative tracing  laws and regulations and work hard with both sides to ensure everyone feels both protected and happy to make contact. Amongst our team you’ll find DNA specialists, Doctors and counsellors, so we’ve got you covered no matter what transpires.

To find out more about anything discussed here or what makes the services we offer different from anything else you’ll find in the UK, you can do so by taking a look around our website. However, if you’d prefer to talk to us directly about making that big first step, give our team a call today on 0113 282 5900.