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Do you need to know where someone currently lives but don’t have much information? We can help you search for people that are missing from your life AND guarantee the person we find for you is the exact person you are looking for.

Our premium in-depth service is ideal for locating people when you only have snippets of information. Regardless of when you last saw them or how much information you remember we can discreetly and legally trace them.

“At FinderMonkey we guarantee all our results so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will not find a more cost effective, accurate people location service in the UK”
Ryan Shaw – Company Director of FinderMonkey Ltd

We specialise in tracing the person you are looking for to their current address, providing you with their current contact details.

Don’t worry, we can find people with only small amounts of information so even if you don’t remember much, give us a try.

We have helped thousands of people just like you search for, find and reconnect them with their long lost friends and family members.

Our specialist researchers are experts in locating people throughout the UK, they have access to the most accurate data available, far more powerful than a simple electoral roll search. We appreciate that the reason you need to locate the person may be personal and you will want to make first contact yourself. Our researchers can therefore perform all searches discreetly, meaning that the person will not know they have been traced.

People Search FinderMonkeyIf need any advice or have any questions regarding our In-depth People Search Services please contact Dave our trace manager or his team on 0113 2825900, they will be happy to help. They understand that this could be an emotional time and will treat your situation with tact and discretion.

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The Best Thing Was To Leave It To The Professionals
People Search FinderMonkey

"I wasn’t convinced in my own ability what I was doing so then I knew that the best thing to do was to leave it to the professionals. It wasn’t just another job to them, they were on my side and it really was full of compassion."

- Kevin Risebrow