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Mission accomplished!

From the outset the team at FinderMonkey were attentive,helpful, and efficient. They listened very carefully to the brief, gave gentle encouragement without being pushy before I actually decided to proceed, and finally delivered my long lost relations in Australia. I was able to contact them on Australia Day, having had no contact with this branch of the family for over 100 years. A great adventure lies ahead in sharing the family history, all thanks to the perseverance of FinderMonkey.

David Wilkinson

Professional, respectful, caring

Professional, respectful, caring are words that I would use to describe my experience with Finder Monkey. The support they gave to me throughout my journey to find an old friend was just amazing. My emails were promptly answered by email or phone call, to Australia, there was no time limit put on these calls & all my concerns were addressed with kindness & professional advice. The initial contact was made by FinderMonkey & therefore made easier for me to follow through. I highly recommend their services to anyone feeling hesitant about starting this journey.

June Ashford

Wholehearted recomendation

FinderMonkey worked hard to trace my paternal family. This was made more difficult for them as the search was in Canada, and many records there are not publicly available.
Nevertheless, they found my half siblings. Direct contact with the siblings could not be made as they have decided this is not a direction they wish to take. However, FinderMonkey did their very best to establish contact, and kept me fully informed every step of the way.
Thank you FinderMonkey, I wholeheartedly recommend your service.

Jon Timothy
Utterly brilliant service

Utterly brilliant service! Staff were friendly, highly efficient and achieved what I needed them to with apparent ease. I would recommend them without reservation. Excellent service and great value for money – thank you FinderMonkey!

Derek Blease, Your Content Goes Here
Ethical Trustworthy Company

With little information to start the search I was very surprised and impressed how soon you had a successful result to provide me with.
I highly recommend FinderMonkey as a very ethical and trustworthy company and who offer the highest standards of service.

Lionel Hicks
Was very happy by the way the people at …

Was very happy by the way the people at FinderMonkey kept me updated on information they had found. The family members that they found will hopefully give my daughter information on her biological family who we are hoping to meet next year when we holiday in the U.K.

Carol Jones
Efficient service

Very open and honest about costs. Lots of support given throughout the process. I discovered what had happened to my grandmother and that was the purpose of the research. It was also quick and I am being sent the certificate originals. I was briefed over the phone but I also have a written report. Many thanks.

Anne Middleton
Your service was excellent I only wish …

Your service was excellent I only wish I had found you earlier thank you SUE for all the information you gave me.

Carol Edwards