Meet The FinderMonkey Team

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Ryan Shaw

Managing Director

Ryan is a member of the Institute of Directors. He has a desire to ensure all our work is carried out legally and ethically. The goal is to create a world class agency for clients who want a safe and professional tracing service.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Dr Joanna North

Safeguarding Consultant

Dr Joanna North has over 30 years’ experience in the field of psychotherapy and mental health. Due to her extensive experience Joanna is now placed as Chair Elect for the Safeguarding Advisory Group of the British Psychological Society. Joanna ensures our services protects our clients, the people we find as well as us. Joanna also has a key role with our adoption work over at our sister company Joanna North Associates. If you go ahead with a search, you can be sure we will keep you safe and support you through our process.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

David Oates

Head Researcher

David has been a key member of the team here since 2011. In that 11-year period he has made many changes and improvements that benefit our clients. This ensures that if you were to choose us to carry out your search, the chances of us finding your person are over 90%.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

James Thackray

General Manager

Any client who comes to us expects a lot. We understand that and no more so than James. In his eight years with the company, he has been involved in all aspects of the business. He has a deep desire is to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

He oversees everything from your initial chat through to getting you the best possible outcome. He oversees all areas of the business.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Sue Harrison

Senior Researcher and Intermediary Support

If you have read our amazing customer reviews, then you will know how key Sue is to this organisation. If you go ahead with our services, Sue and the team will ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Josh Gibson

Trace Researcher

Josh has a love for his research and via his training with David Oates he is a fantastic researcher in his own right. He is always looking for ways to develop his own research techniques. Josh also works with our external team of researchers; he is a key part of the team.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Sophie Joynes

Intermediary Support

Through the organisation and as part of her continuous learning plan, Sophie is training to be a counsellor. This is to ensure she has the skills she needs to be a skilled intermediary. At the moment Sophie works with Sue to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients when it’s time to make contact. Sophie is also responsible for customer feedback and sign posting clients to additional support once our service has finished.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

John Arko

DNA Expert

If you don’t know very much about a relative, then DNA could be the answer for you. If you choose our DNA service, then you will speak to John. John is a founder of the business but in recent years has specialised in using DNA to locate people.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Jake Birchall

Lead Consultant

Jake has been with the company for over seven years. Jake started his life here as a researcher but soon developed a love for listening to people explain their search needs. If you are considering using our services, it could be Jake that you speak to. He can tell you the best service to get you the answers and level of support you need.

Meet The Team FinderMonkey

Tom White

New Client Consultant

If you don’t speak to Jake, then you will speak to Tom. Tom knows our services inside out and can advise you clearly on the best one to fulfil your needs.