Meet The FinderMonkey Team

David Oates is the leading people tracing expert in the UK.

He’s famous for his work on BBC1 and TLC as well as personally reuniting over 7000 people since 2011. He is a member of the Association of Genealogy and has written a book called Long Lost Family Tracing.

David is the Head Researcher at FinderMonkey. His unique system for tracing old friends and locating lost relatives has led to our 92% success rate.

Dave in his own words…

“My team understand that each search we carry out is the most important search we’ll ever do. We have to do everything we can to put that person back in contact with who they have asked us to find”

At FinderMonkey we care. And we all do what we do to make a difference…

Sue Harrison is a senior researcher specialising in contacting your family and friends once they have been found.

Sue on why she works at FinderMonkey…

“I need to leave the office knowing I have made a difference in people’s lives. Answering questions that have been unanswered for years is unbelievably satisfying. It’s not all roses and some cases are incredibly sad but even then being able to give someone closure is good. It’s an amazing privilege to share those journeys with our clients”

Sue is famous for finding a man who Interpol failed to locate! Click here to watch the video of this story

Gemma King is a trace researcher focusing on locating difficult to find people, she also works on many overseas searches.

Gemma has personally reunited over 1500 family and friends whilst working at FinderMonkey. She specialises in finding people with only snippets of information.

“It’s not just another job. Each search is the most important search we’ll ever do. You have to be persistent and find a way to get to the bottom of things”

Meghan Roberts is a trace researcher involved in locating debtors and ex tenants as well as general people finder searches.

“I find my work rewarding and exciting. I make sure I work with compassion for everyone involved. I specialise in locating people who owe you money. I work discreetly and make sure that my reports cover all necessary facts to make sure you stand the best chance of getting your money back.”

When I’m not tracing debtors and ex tenants I help with searches for missing loved ones. I love my job and take great pride in it.

James Thackray is the head of the consultation team. His team speak to potential customers to tell them about our services and which one will be most appropriate for your needs…

“It’s not just a job. Knowing that we are coming to work and changing people’s lives is an amazing feeling and very rewarding. I do this for them. It’s an emotional rollercoaster but so worth it and I genuinely do care about each and every person I speak to. I work at FinderMonkey because I love it! I love everything about it and everything it stands for.”

I know, just like everyone else who works here, I am an integral part of the Findermonkey family.

Jake Birchall is a trace consultant. He is one of the first points of contact if you phone us.

“I work here for many reasons, I love everything about what we do, helping people, and all the different emotions, the people I work with and find it very rewarding in so many ways.”

I love chatting with people and hearing their stories. I really enjoy helping people and making sure they understand our services and how amazing our research team are

Jennifer is our Book Keeper, paying our suppliers and making sure we pay our taxes!

“I’m the bookkeeper now but I’ve also done tracing and have been a featured researcher on BBC1’s Family Finders TV Series along with David our head researcher.

I also used FinderMonkey to find my sisters back in 2013. It was an amazing experience so I know what you’re going through. All I can say is we’ll look after you.”

We do everything we can to help anyone get back in touch with their missing loved ones and old friends.

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