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If you’re looking for people you have lost touch with then we offer a full range of services that can put you back in touch in no time. We can find anyone in the UK.

Looking for people you have lost touch with yourself is possible but you will struggle to match our systems and the depth of search that we can offer. Our staff are trained genealogy researchers and have unlimited access to search through old documents, marriage records and birth records. As a licensed, regulated company, we can access information about and beyond the usual electoral roll information that most of our competitors try to sell on.

The electoral roll is a good starting point for a search and we offer a premier electoral roll search ourselves but it is not guaranteed to succeed, this is for a number of reasons but the main one is you cannot be certain that you have located the exact person you have lost touch with. An electoral roll search is simply a list of people with the same name in the area you have searched. Our premier people finder service locates the exact person you have lost touch with otherwise; we give you your money back.

Looking for people you have lost touch with can be done by our expert team in a matter of a few days, and don’t worry if you don’t have much information, we can find most things out to build up a clear picture of who we are looking for and then trace them forward to their current address.

As we said, we are licensed to access the most accurate and up to date information available on the locations of UK citizens. Our governing body is called the Credit Services Association and they check to make sure we comply with their regulations; this ensures our customers know that they are receiving a regulated, accurate service. We feel we are the best at what we do, if you need some advice or wish to place an order then you can call us on the number provided on each page of this website. We would love to hear from you so we can help you with looking for people

It Was Nerve Wracking, So Many Happy Emotions!
Looking For People FinderMonkey

"It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time."

- Andrea Wood