We trace your long lost family member to their current address…but there’s much more to it than than that!

  • We help, support & reconnect you with your long lost family member
  • In Depth caring service with your own expert researcher working on your search
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ On TrustPilot, As featured on Long Lost Family GPPC FinderMonkey TV Series Family Finders

If you would like to find your own long-lost family member you’ve come to the right place.

Our personal, discreet service includes your own experienced researcher who will find your long lost family member for you.

Are you always wondering about a long lost family member, where they are, what they look like and what life they have being leading? Maybe you feel different or incomplete because this person isn’t in your life and your questions remain unanswered. We can help you.

Finding them in the right way…

We understand how important this is to you and that it has to be done right.

You’ll be involved every step of the way with weekly updates and regular telephone contact with your researcher. Then, once we’ve found your family member we can support both of you to arrange contact or any additional support you feel may be needed.

Many people who come to us wonder if it’s the ‘right thing’ to do or if they should just let bygones be bygones.

Some people are sceptical and wonder if finding someone with only small pieces of information is even possible. In our experience, if you feel something is missing or you have unanswered questions, those feelings won’t go away.

So our recommendation is to find your long-lost family member but to do it in the right way.

What information do you need to find them?

Many people who trust us to find their long-lost family member don’t have much information about them. We understand that in some cases it’s just not possible to find out anything else. Our expert researchers are used to working with only fragments of information. It’s a unique combination of genealogy and tracing that ensures we find 92% of long lost family members.

So if you’ve experienced long-term separation from a family member and are seeking to be reunited with them, we really can help.

How our service works…

  • To begin with, we’ll speak to you on the phone
  • We’ll find out what information you know about your long lost family member
  • Then we’ll go into detail about our service so you know exactly how we work
  • If you like the sound of how we do things, then you can choose to go ahead there and then or go away and decide if it’s right for you

How long does the search take?

Searches take anywhere from a matter of days up 60 days to complete. For us, it is about doing it right. We need to ensure we’ve done everything we can for you. As well as being able to prove to you that we have found the right person too as we stand proud that all of our results are guaranteed.

What does ‘support’ mean?

We understand that potentially this could be a big deal for you. This isn’t just about finding and supplying an address, it’s also about getting you a solution to a long-standing problem or feeling. So when we say support, we mean it, just as we have external researchers who search for an old document for us we also have counsellors who can offer advice to you and your long-lost family member.

What will the outcome be?

We can’t promise you a perfect ending but what we can promise is we’ll work tirelessly to get you answers to your questions. In many cases a happy ending is achieved, in others, there is more work or support required. All we can assure you is we’re on your side.

The ideal outcome is that we search for find and contact your long lost family member and create a base for you to move forward together.

Imagine finally meeting them and it being everything you expected, for many people, this is the outcome we can get you too.

As the UK’s premier people tracing service FinderMonkey has reunited over 15,000 family members and have been featured on BBC1’s TV series Family Finders. Since 2008 we’ve been providing our specialist long lost family tracing services. To people around the UK and beyond.

Please watch the video next before deciding to move forward to a free consultation with one of the team.

Every search starts with a single step…

To find out more, fill in the form, and we will call you. Alternatively, call us on 0113 282 5900.

It Was Nerve Wracking, So Many Happy Emotions!
Long Lost Family GPPC FinderMonkey

"It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time."

- Andrea Wood