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“If You’re Desperate To Find Your Long Lost Family, We Will Help You”

Long Lost Family is been back on our TV screens and capturing all our hearts with tales of lost love and new hope. The ITV team do a great job reuniting people but what can you do to be reunited with your long lost family?

Why Would You Use Us To Trace Your Long Lost Family?

FinderMonkey have been tracing long lost family members for over 10 years. We can locate your long lost family members for you. We understand the emotions that are involved so our research team work tactfully and ethically.

We trace over 30 missing family members everyday, from missing offspring to lost birth parents. We bring people like you back together with their missing family members every single day.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much information, we can find people with only snippets of information and can trace marriage details, obtain dates of birth, address changes anywhere in the UK and much more.

You supply us with the information you have about the family member you want us to locate. We use that information and add to it with our own research. This gives us a clear picture of the person we are looking for. We then use our in-depth tracing systems and years of people finding experience to locate your EXACT family member.

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The Best Thing Was To Leave It To The Professionals
Long Lost Family GPPC FinderMonkey

"I wasn’t convinced in my own ability what I was doing so then I knew that the best thing to do was to leave it to the professionals. It wasn’t just another job to them, they were on my side and it really was full of compassion."

- Kevin Risebrow