Useful People Search Links

Below is a list of links to various websites that complement our work, you may find some of them useful if you are conducting your own enquiries. does not endorse any of these sites and you should check that you agree with their terms and conditions before placing any order with them.

People Search

People Search – A free guide to People Search options in the UK

BAAF – British Association for Adoption and Fostering.


Ancestry – Search for ancestors with free genealogy look-ups

Find My Past – UK’s premier genealogy searches

Property and Land

Old Maps – Comprehensive archive of old maps in England, Scotland and Wales

Landlords and Tenants

Landlord Law – Helping residential landlords and tenants solve their problems

LandlordZONE– Rental Property Knowledge

Tenancy Agreement – Downloadable AST suitable for most letting arrangements

Landlord Advice – Advice to help landlords with court proceedings

Find A Person – FinderMonkey page

I Hope My Story Helps Encourage Others
Important Links FinderMonkey

"Please do pass on my gratitude to Sue and all at FinderMonkey. You are all doing a very important job. I hope my story helps encourage other people to find lost loved ones missing from their lives!"

- Rosie Newman