Land Ownership UK – How We Helped Express Solicitors

Land Ownership UK. Here is a recent press release story that we did explaining the work we do with Express Solcitors who are based in manchester. We locate owners of unregistered pieces of land for them.

Injury Lawyers Turn Detective to Solve Outstanding Claims

Personal injury lawyers are turning detective in their efforts to settle some of their most challenging cases involving land that appears not to be owned by anybody.

Compensation claims for injuries suffered on unregistered land often can’t be resolved unless an owner can be found to claim against. This area of land ownership in the UK is quite complex.

Manchester-based Express Solicitors works with specialist people finder firm FinderMonkey to uncover the true owners of car parks, buildings, paths and fields where accidents have occurred but no landowner can be traced.

Personal injury solicitor Laura Edgeley said the injuries suffered in such incidents were often debilitating resulting in loss of income and ongoing pain.

“Some of the cases we have dealt with have involved very serious life changing injuries but if an owner can’t be found any claim for compensation is left hanging in the air,” she said.

“It’s frustrating to hit a brick wall over ownership when people’s lives have been severely affected so we decided to try something completely different to help us progress these cases.”

FinderMonkey’s Ryan Shaw said the firm digs into the past history of unregistered land and buildings, studying old maps and plans to find the original owner then painstakingly work forwards to the present day.

“Every building or piece of land is owned by somebody but there’s no easy way to find out who that is because the information isn’t held on database,” said Ryan.

FinderMonkey’s people finding skills have helped Burnley Council trace absentee landlords and Leeds United reunite players from the Don Revie era. They also regularly help find long lost relatives or friends.

“There are very few organisations doing what we do so we’re asked to tackle all sorts of jobs and are increasingly being called in by lawyers looking for historic information and businesses searching for debtors or wanting to clean up customer databases,” added Ryan.

If you have any questions about our services then we would be happy to help with various aspects of Land Ownership UK.

The Outcome, For Me Was Fantastic
Land Ownership UK FinderMonkey

"We saw a story about FinderMonkey on the internet and they sounded like they could help me. The outcome for me was fantastic I could never have done it without FinderMonkey and I am very grateful for the great job they did for me."

- Gary Humm