Through years of research and experience we have adapted and tailored our services to best get you the result you are looking for.

We need you to feel comfortable and know that you can trust us to get the answers you are trying to find in the most professional way.

Whether you’re searching for someone separated by adoption or looking for an old friend or long lost relative, we treat every search as though it’s the most important to us.

We are proud to stand front and centre, leading the way in the people tracing industry and this is because of our unique, personal and ethical practices to ensure you are first in mind in everything we do.

In the video above Dave, head researcher here at FinderMonkey and Joanna North Associates touches on our compliance, who we are regulated by and how we approach our intermediary services to ensure protection and discretion for everyone involved.

We’ll offer you the reassurances you need, you and the person you’re looking for will be respected, supported and looked after from start to finish.

It’s all about you.

Here’s a great story recently conducted by Dave too, proof that it really is a small world and as one door closes another one opens…


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