How To Find People

How to find people is something that we all want to know. There is a lot you can do yourself if you want to know how to find people you have lost touch and we’ll show you how. Remember we offer a No Find No Fee service to find the exact person you have lost touch with, if you are interested in our UK People Finder Service then we would love to show you what we could do. The service we provide is ideal for locating old friends and family members as well as people who owe you money and if we can’t find who you are, looking for there is no charge for our efforts. Our staff have access to the best information available on the locations of UK citizens and are experienced in locating people, we are a professional People Finder Service regulated by the Credit Services Association so are best placed to locate anyone in the UK.

If you want to know how to find people online there are things you can do. It really depends on the reason you are looking for the person and how long it has been since you last saw them. Let us say you are looking for an old friend and you last saw them forty years ago. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is write down the key information about the person you are looking for, as this will dictate how you try to locate them. Write down the following information (don’t worry if you don’t have it all)

  • Their full name – Could they have gotten married and changed it? Do you know their middle name?
  • The last address they lived at
  • Their age or ideally their Date of Birth
  • Their partner’s name – Did they get married?

These are the key facts you need to locate someone.

The problem that homemade super sleuths have is accessing information; we have data far and above anything that you could do at home on your computer. It is usual for people to try an Electoral Roll search first, this is a good idea but you will expect to pay around £5 for an Electoral Roll search and most people are not aware that the electoral roll has been edited since 2003 so over 50% of people now opt off the register that is made available online. To get round this you would have to visit the local council offices in the area in which the person you are looking for lives. You would also need to make sure you have their full, correct name before performing an electoral roll search so if they have got married or if you expect that they have gotten married you will have to search for a marriage record. Expect to pay a further £10 for this, again this is something along with birth and death records that we have unlimited access to. Once you have the persons married name and their spouses name then you can perform another electoral roll search to see if you can find them. Because you will be paying for each search you do the costs will so stack up and progress could be slow. Our People Finder service is no find no fee so if we can’t find the exact person you have lost touch with you don’t pay us a penny. If we do find them then the charge is just £99, you don’t pay this until we have successfully located the exact person you are looking for.

How to Find People online

If you have drawn a blank with the electoral roll it leaves you a little bit stuck, this is where our powerful systems that are not publicly available come into play, we can search for a person by just their name and date of birth, this is not something you will be able to do. We also have access to the biggest database of non-credit based location information available in the UK. We can perform an unlimited amount of searches on your behalf and can search for two people (a double name match), we can do so much more, but if you still want to continue on your own path what else can you do to learn How to find people?

You would be wise to check Facebook, Facebook has over 400 million users meaning that if its users were citizens of a country it would be the third biggest county in the world in terms of population. People of all ages are on Facebook and it is free to register. You will find people you have lost touch with on Facebook even if you don’t find the exact person you were looking for you should be able to reconnect with lots of other people, some of whom will no doubt know the person you were looking for.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide on how to find people

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