Trying to find out who owns land may seem an impossible task; if you ask local residents nobody knows the owner, they haven’t been seen for years or they live in another part of the country, so now what?. The other alternative is to go directly to the land registry but there is a vast amount of information they need from you, before they will be able to search for you. We have outlined here what you need to do and the best ways for getting the information you need. Remember that over 35% of land in the UK is unregistered land, so there are no guarantees that you will be successful. You may need to consider an unregistered land owner search.

There are many reasons why people search for the owners of land,

  • They may be looking to buy a piece of land that is not for sale.
  • Or require the consent of a property owner to carryout changes to the land.
  • Possibly they need to issue court papers on the owners.
  • Have a boundary issue or want to extend land or garden area.
  • Considering using the land for pasture.

Here are several ways in which you can try and find who owns a particular piece of land.

The most obvious way is to carry out a Land Registry Title Register Search, this will reveal who owns that piece of land and other information you may find useful such as when it was purchased and how much it was purchased for.

To obtain the Title Register you will need to get the official Ordinance Survey plan of the area and highlight the piece of land you are querying. The Ordinance Survey plan must be in the correct scale which is 1:1250 and on the correct mapping system this can be purchased from .

Once you have a clear outline of the land you will need to find which HM Land Registry office deals with the area in question (this is not always as obvious as it may first seem, for example the office that deals with the Leeds, West Yorkshire area is an office in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire). If you are unsure of the correct office information can be found at the Land Registry. Once on the site click “Customer Services” and select “Office Finder”.

You can now visit the correct office with your map and hope they can find the information you require. If they cannot help the land will be unregistered, if this is the case give us a ring on 0113 2825900 and we will be happy to help. We also offer services to find owners of private roads and we can also find out who owns property.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get the information required. HM Land Registry states that around 35% of all land in England and Wales is unregistered land. We hope we can help you find out Who Owns Land.

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