Project Description


The price to find long lost family members and old friends

We’re often told that people expect to spend thousands of pounds to find an old friend or long lost family member, and the actual price comes as a bit of a surprise.

The price for us to successfully locate family members and old friends in the UK is only £1047*.

That’s it. That includes everything.

We’re neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but we are proud to be the most thorough and provide the most support. Spend a few minutes watching our videos, and reading our case studies and testimonials and you’ll quickly see that we’re experts that you can rely on.

We’re professionals, providing a professional service to help people like you.

Our fees include all research costs, all documents, making contact at a pace you’re comfortable with and the final report. We don’t add on any sneaky additional fees like some companies. For the majority of searches £1047* is all you’ll pay and you’ll only pay all of that if we’re successful too (*prices can vary if searching overseas or for adoption-related cases, we always advise to speak to us first to get an accurate quote.).

We process just £249 to get the ball rolling and the remaining £798 is taken once we successfully locate the person you’re looking for.

If our search is unsuccessful then we don’t take the second half of the fee.

What’s included in that cost…

– Full support as you need it. From the first phone call to the last, we’re here to help you.
– All documents and research. Including ordering documents and external/local research as required regardless of the area of the UK.
– Professional Researcher working on your search explaining things and keeping you involved
– A full report of how we found them including proof that it is the correct person. All documents obtained during the search and a brief report about their life. We can only supply you with non-identifying information until we are in contact with the person you are looking for and have their consent and express permission to provide more.
– All searches carried out ethically and with the best interests of both you and the person you are looking for at the heart of everything we do.
– Our full intermediary service is included too which means we’ll support you both until you’re ready to move forward together

Finding someone can be stressful, it’s not unusual to feel anxious about it. That’s perfectly understandable and we’ll take the time to find your person, support you, provide a report on how we find them and tell you a little about their life. We can even contact them for you if required.

Our Unique T.R.A.C.E methods mean that we now locate around 92% of people that we are asked to find. (Click here to find out more about our methods and process)

We want to make sure that after using our service you feel like you’ve got the answers you were looking for and you feel good about the whole experience, not just that you have a name and address written down on a piece of paper. We see ourselves on working for the benefit of both parties and that’s really important to us.

Overseas Friends and Family Searches

We can conduct searches anywhere in the world.

Prices can vary depending on the country you are searching in. We would always recommend calling the team on 0113 2825900 so we can get a better understanding of what you are trying to do and then we can give you an accurate quote tailored to your needs.

Again, we split this into two payments. A partial payment is processed to start and final fee on successful completion.

Overseas searches are carried out by local researchers in that particular country. We have an extensive network of researchers worldwide. Your search is still dealt with here in the UK by your own dedicated professional. They’ll liaise with the most appropriate researcher to gather the data they need to progress the search.

Intermediary Service

All of our searches include an intermediary service. However, this is can be offered as a standalone service if you already know where someone lives and you just need that helping hand in making contact with them. We can put you back in touch with each other in a time frame and way that suits you both.

The price for this is £499 including VAT.

We offer various types of intermediary services depending on the type of search. If relevant we will instruct an external intermediary for you and in those circumstances, the price may change.

It’s really easy…

Every search starts with a first step. So to find out more just call us now for an informal chat on 0113 2825900. We’ll tell you more about how we can help you get the answers you’re looking for.