Project Description


How long does a search take to complete?

Your search will be completed within 60 days and over 80% are completed within 30 days. We wouldn’t stop at 60 days if there was more we could do on the search. This is usually the case if we were being held up because we were waiting for a document. We are proud to be the most thorough and provide the most support. This means we wouldn’t stop a search just because a certain amount of time had gone by.

Every search is different. With most searches, we can do all the work in-house so these take less time. We can make our initial assessment, order the relevant documents and then spend some time on our own systems to find your exact person. These searches can be done within a few days up to around the 25-30 day mark.

What can delay a search?

Some searches we need to order an unusual document or instruct an external researcher to find something for us. If we’re waiting for a week or two for the said document that can mean a search taking up to 60 days. In extreme circumstances (about 1 in every 250 searches) we may need to order some documents are difficult to obtain. For example, we have an ongoing case that is over 100 days as the French Courts are involved in the information we are trying to obtain and we are in discussions with them about us obtaining it on behalf of our customer.

We provide you with email updates as your search progresses so your involved every step of the way. If there is a major update or if we need to pick your brains about some aspect of the search we will call you. You can also call us at any time for an update on your search. We hope this answers the questions “How long does a search take”.