How Do I Find Someone?

How do I find someone is something we are often asked by our customers each day. As the UK’s premier people tracing company, finding people is something that we do all day every day. In truth, there are things that you can do yourself to find someone you have lost touch with. However, you will never be able to access the same level of data as a private company. This is because we are licensed and regulated by various government bodies. Our licenses allow us to be able to access the accurate, high-level data that we can.

People who embark on their own search for someone usually end up on websites that allow you to buy credits. These websites allow you to access old electoral roll data. This data, to be frank, is not the best data that is available and is often out of date.

Below we’ll give you some free tips and advice so you can have the best possible chance of locating the person you have lost touch with but if it doesn’t work then feel free to come back and use our No Trace No Fee People Finder Service.

How can I find someone?

When you try to find someone yourself you will end up spending a lot of time and money in your quest. We truly believe that that money would be better spent using our people finder service to locate the person. This reason for this is because our service is no-find no-fee so if we can’t find them you don’t pay a penny, we also guarantee to find the correct person to their correct address or you can have your money back.

If you are determined to find the person yourself make sure you use reputable websites to do so. Make sure that they are safe to put your bank details into as there are some dodgy websites out there.  Make sure the website has their actual address and telephone number on it so you can contact them in case of problems and make sure that you read through their terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are a good way to check you are happy with what the company or website intends to do for you. You can see ours in the footer of each webpage or click here, that’s the bit right down at the bottom of this page.

Some websites are just that, websites, run by people all over the world from back bedrooms, really if you are passing money over you should be using a company that has a website so this is something else to check. The big people tracing websites in the UK are actually companies with websites so as an example we are FinderMonkey Ltd and you can see all our credentials such as address, company number and such like on our contact us page.

Things to look out for

Look to see if the website has any testimonials on it, testimonials are easy to make up so look out for that, good ones are easy to spot. Last year we were featured in the Daily Mirror after locating a customer’s brother, she came to us and we found him on a ‘no find no fee’ basis and within 48 hours they were back in touch.

The great news was that he had been looking for her! She was so grateful that she went to the Daily Mirror and told them what we had done, The Mirror wrote a story about our customer been put back in touch with her brother and how we had found him for her. Of course, this is a fantastic testimonial for us so we added it to our website, with a photo providing that it was in the Daily Mirror – this was great for us as it really showed that we can do what we say we can and help people exactly like you to find someone. Click here to see our testimonials including the Daily Mail article.

Saying that some people still want to go to the trouble of finding something themselves so here are some tips that could help you locate the person you have lost touch with. These are the entry-level searches that are available online to the public.

How Do I Find Someone using the Electoral Roll

Everyone seems to think that an electoral roll search will give you the address of the person you are looking for. This is not true! The Electoral Roll has been edited since 2003. This version is made available by companies for you to search. Additionally, you can remove yourself from this version by crossing a small box on your electoral form. Many people do this, in fact now over half of the UK adult population chooses to remove their selves from this.

The second problem is that by the time the latest electoral roll it is made available to the public, it is already five months out of date. The final issue is that if you do get a match it is not necessarily the correct person. The match might just be someone with the same name in the same area. Did you know there are over 200 John Smiths in Leeds? Which one is the correct one?  – Other than that it’s ok for tracing people. Many of our potential customers seem to think that we use this data to find people but we don’t. This source of information is not reliable enough for us. We guarantee to find someone and make sure its the exact person you are looking for.

Another little side note, you can search the full version of the electoral roll, you have to visit the council offices where the person you are looking for lives and then, under supervision you are allowed to look at the full electoral roll.

Search Birth, Deaths & Marriage records

If you’re really wanting to know how do I find someone, then this is a proper way, this is great for tracing birth parents, long lost loves, really old friends etc. What it will give you is name changes through marriages and dates of birth. Both of these resources are great things to cross-reference again. They can lead you to find the person you are looking for. In fact if you find that your long lost girlfriend married in 1986 in Devon. By having this information you can do two electoral roll searches. One for her and one for her husband. You can cross reference the names and if you get a match for both names at the same address then you have probably found her!

Death records have to be checked. We understand it can be tragic if the person you are looking for is on there. However it is better to do this at the start of your search rather than the end. This is because you may have built up your hopes and maybe got to know the person again. Sometimes a relative has their name on their death record so potentially you could find family members of the person you are looking for. With this information, you can find out what happened to them. We understand this can be very sad when the person you are looking for has passed away.

Google, Facebook, and Social Media

This could be an article in itself and is one that we will most likely write in the next few weeks. Put simply, you can use these techniques to find someone.

To use Google, type in “their name” in quotations, then type in an area, press return. You will be able to see what matches you find to help with your search. You can type their name and other details about them to see if there are any matches. Other details may include what they did for a living or what hobbies they have. This is a superb way to find someone, in effect what you are doing is searching the whole of Google for any stories or articles that appear about the person you are looking for. Again beware of namesake as it might not be your John Smith, just a John Smith.

To use Facebook, create an account it is totally free to use. Once you have an account you can search for people by typing in their name. Each user has their own profile so you can see what the person you have found looks like. Once you have found your friend, you will likely find they are already in contact with other people who you may know. Facebook is a great way to get back in touch with people. Facebook is used by over 1 BILLION people there is a strong chance that you may know someone on there. Even if you cannot find the person you set out to find it could be someone that knows them or knows what happened to them.

Facebook is a social media platform that many people are in one place and can contact each other. FinderMonkey is not social media, even though there are over 1000 people per day visiting the website. It is not social media as they are not in touch with each other through the website.

What else can I use to find someone?

Other examples of social media include Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, and Friends Reunited.

Friends Reunited used to be one of the most popular UK websites. However, since Facebook, it is no longer as popular or relevant. It has now shut down as people didn’t find it very useful anymore when trying to find someone.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide about How do I find someone… If you do need any help to do this then you can contact us on 0113 282 5900. One of our expert researchers will be happy to help. We hope we have helped answer the question How Do I Find Someone. If you have any more questions please contact us today.

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"It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time."

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