Are you trying to locate the owner of land?

Finding the owners of land can be a difficult task, this is because of how the land registry categorises land, it makes it difficult to search through their documents and find the correct name for a price of land and then to look at the ownership of the land. There are ways to try and get round this. We perform multiple land searches on a daily basis and know the best way to find the owners of land by using the Land Registry and also using other systems and procedures. So whether it is registered land or unregistered land, we can help you locate the owners. If you are not sure if it is registered or not, the simplest thing would be to ring us and let us have a look into it for you.

Land can also be unregistered; this means that Land Registry will not have any detail of the land, if this is the case we can help. We are experts in finding the owners of unregistered land and can also advise on the methods used to claim land and offer advice on all aspects of unregistered land.

Owners of land are not trying to hide it is just the red tape that surrounds land ownership that makes locating the owner a more difficult task than it really should be, thats why its a good idea to use a professional service such as ours.

The issue of land is a difficult one and with the recent cuts at the Land Registry it doesn’t look like it will be improving any time soon. If you need any further help regarding any aspect of land ownership we would love to hear from you, you can contact us on 0113 2825900.