If you are thinking of finding a birth parent, there is a lot for you to consider. It’s a big decision but done the right way it can lead to the answers you are looking for.

It’s important to ask yourself why you are considering finding them. Are their issues to resolve or feelings to share. Coming to the process with a positive intent is one thing all our clients have in common, but exact reasons vary from person to person.

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Whatever your intent it is important to know why you are searching and then we can ensure that you get the right level of support from our team.

Most clients who use our service are wanting answers or to help feel complete. What we find is the outcome of the process isn’t always the main driver for the search. In fact, many clients are unsure of the outcome they want, until they understand more.

It can be nice to think contact would be immediately welcomed but equally for others it can be a scary thought.

For most people it’s about understanding more about your own identity and history, where you came from or getting answers to questions you may have been pondering for years.

For most people these questions pop up every so often, but then life gets in the way and we invariably become busy with other things.

Our team understand all these nuances and they are professionally trained to support you and when we find them, your birth parent too. We want to make sure you can use our service to get the best outcomes. We have to be honest; we cannot control the outcome of the search, but we can help you prepare for all possible outcomes so at the end of the process you feel it has been worthwhile.

Let’s be honest, our service is not for everyone. It is a professional, ethical in-depth service to support you. Its not just finding your birth parents address, its about ethically locating them, then ethically contacting them, and supporting you on this journey with us. The journey doesn’t go on forever but at the end of our process if you did need further additional support, we can sign post you to the correct people.

Every member of our team is trained to be able to help you and we do tailor our service to your needs. Some clients need more counselling, others want results as soon as possible whilst other like to take their time and have time to think and reflect before moving on to the next stage. With our service, we can involve you with each decision. For example, if we trace your birth parent in a week but because of our speed you feel like you need some time before we contact your birth parent, we can do that, we can place your search on hold until you feel ready to go ahead.

How We Work

We want to ensure a safe and ethical service for everyone, that includes us too. So, there are things we can do and things we can’t do, and we outline these at the start, so you understand. We also ask you to agree to our ‘client responsibilities’ so you understand that we will do everything agreed to support you.

This is how the service works

The first step is a conversation with us, this is done over the telephone with one of our experienced Trace Consultants. They will review the information you know about your birth parent and then explain the best service for you. If you were adopted, it is a different service for example. It is also a different service if your birth parent is overseas, but we can nearly always help you so please do arrange this FREE telephone conversation with us as soon as possible. The consultation is free, but the service is not. The price will depend on many things but at the end of the consultation with us we will give you an accurate price. Once you have this price you can choose if you wish to go ahead or not.

If you decide to go ahead, we will ask you a few more questions, please don’t worry, these are very easy to answer and simply allow us to help you the best possible way.

After this your search will be passed to our research team who will start the process of finding your birth parent. This can be done through various methods, we can use historical documents, official records, DNA, address searches, external researchers, the list goes on but hopefully you can see that we know what we are doing when it comes to tracing birth parents. This part of your service usually takes between 1 and 28 days.

Contacting Your Birth Parents

Once we have located them, we will let you know and start to build the intermediary service for you. This involves asking a few more questions and building your personal statement. Please don’t worry about this, we can help you write it if needed. Then when you are ready, we will write to your birth parent.

At that stage there are various outcomes, and we will prepare you for those at the time. You will have access to a range of people who will support you and your birth parent. We understand that it might be a big deal for them too, so we want to make sure they are feeling supported.

We also carry out safe and well checks on everyone to ensure that there is a safe environment for us all to get you the best outcome.


We hope this short blog post has helped you think about finding your birth parents in more detail. And we would really encourage you to speak to us. We are here to help and support you if you have any questions or want to go ahead with your own search.

We are always available on 0113 2825900 or you can book a callback at a time that works best for you by using the diary below.