The FinderMonkey Guarantee

Our unique FinderMonkey Guarantee is here to help you understand that we take what we do extremely seriously and that we are here to help you locate the exact person you are looking for.

  • We guarantee to trace the EXACT person you have lost contact with
  • In the event we trace the wrong person we will carry on working your case until we find the right person or provide a full refund.
  • Your identify is protected and your details are not added to any people finder databases
  • We do not store your payment details and the FinderMonkey website is completely secure
  • Your search will be carried out legally, ethically and discreetly
  • Your search is carried out in accordance with the Credit Services Association, Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commissioner’s Office

Many people ask “How do I know you have traced the exact person I’m looking for?”

We cross reference the information you provide on your order form with information on our databases (these are not publicly available and we have to be licensed by the CSA, OFT and ICO to use them). All staff are fully trained professional people finders and work closely with customers to locate the people missing from their lives. We have extensive checks in place to ensure we have traced the correct person. Our services are used daily by solicitors, councils and many members of the public just like you everyday. Our learning centre has an article explaining more about How do I know you have found the correct person.

But what if it is wrong?

It is as important to us as it is to you that we find the exact person that you are looking for. However, nobody’s perfect so on the very rare occasions the information we find is incorrect, we will happily refund the full finders fee.

The FinderMonkey guarantee is here to provide you with complete piece of mind

Now you have read the FinderMonkey guarantee, you know you have nothing to lose, so just click back to place your order

It Was Simply Very, Very Special.
Findermonkey Guarantee FinderMonkey

"Sue made a process that can be riddled with emotion, easy and even enjoyable. This was achieved through regular communication updates on anything that was relevant to the case."

- Leigh Mase