FinderMonkey Core Values

Here at FinderMonkey we believe that everyone has the right to find any person they wish to find. As long as there is a genuine reason for finding them.

Our aim is to be the best most trustworthy, reliable people tracing company in the World. To have the ability to trace people worldwide. To work legally and ethically. To do the work properly and support people throughout the whole process.

We treat each other, our suppliers and our clients and customers with respect. Our core values guide us each and every day. Our whole team are aligned to these values.

  1. We are curious – To find a better way to work, a better way to search, a better way to act
  2. It’s not just another job. Each search is the most important search we’ll ever do. We change lives. We understand for some people this is a huge decision and we have hopes and dreams in our hands.
  3. The mirror is our judge. When we look in the mirror we truly feel like we’ve done our best.
  4. We don’t hide. We are honest and upfront with customers and each other.
  5. We are persistent and have a “how do we” attitude. We find a way.
  6. We learn from our mistakes and put processes in place so it never happens again