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To find a person’s telephone number from their address is possible. As professional people tracers we have access to the most powerful telephone databases in the UK containing both mobile and Ex Directory listings. We have access to 120 million landline and mobile numbers and if you supply us with a person’s name and address we can perform a search to see if there are any available telephones and supply them too you.

You can find out further information about the website by viewing the options on the right of this page or clicking over to our mobile phone number search or our phone number search.

  • Here are a few advantages to using our service
  • Our database is not provided by BT and is collected by a third party
  • It contains both landline and mobile numbers
  • This is the second largest database after

We do not validate the numbers we provide. We do not ring them so the person will not know that a search has been performed to locate their telephone number. This service is ideal for contacting people you have lost touch with and need to speak to. We also offer a reverse telephone number search where we can locate a person’s name and address from a telephone number.

FinderMonkey Ltd is regulated by the Credit Services Association ensuring a safe, regulated service. Both Safebuy and PCI Web Security Council verify FinderMonkey as a safe website so you can confidently order your search to Find Telephone Number by Address

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