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Our small dedicated team have been finding lost loved ones for people like you for over 10 years. In that time we’ve reunited over 12000 people

We wake up every morning to help as many people as we can find someone missing from their life.  Whether that is reuniting with long lost family or an old friends. When you’re ready we can get you the answers you’re looking for, and find peace to move forward with your life.

How our unique service works…

Your own dedicated researcher will find exactly who you are looking for. They will support you every step of the way. If required we’ll support you further by contacting your person on your behalf. Acting as an intermediary until you’re ready to step forward together.

Each of our senior researchers have reunited an average of 700 people with missing loved ones and friends.


For us to search and find someone in the UK is £498 this includes some very special things…

  • All your research costs
  • Ordering and study of any required documents
  • Weekly updates from your researcher
  • A full report at the end of the process. This report includes their address and any available telephone numbers
  • Finally we include a unique guide to help you contact your missing loved one. We include this because we know finding them is only the start of your journey.

Each search takes an average 20 hours research and 6 weeks to complete.

If required we can also act as an intermediary for you. For a further £399 we will contact your person and deal with the initial response. We’ll support you both until you’re ready to move forward together.

Each intermediary takes an average of 2 letters, 8 phone calls, over 20 hours work and 3 weeks to complete.

The time, passion and dedication that goes into each search is what makes the real difference. We know that finding your someone can only be done once and it has to be done right. If you trust us to carry out this important search for you rest assured we understand, it’s the most important search we’ll ever do.

We’ve succeeded where others have failed. 

We’ve successfully found people after Salvation Army and Interpol have failed. So if other organisations have failed please rest assured we can still help.

Talk to an expert.

We know what a big step this is. That’s one of the reasons why we’re the best in the country at what we do. It’s because of the care we take and that starts with a completely free no obligation chat on the phone. CALL NOW on 0113 2825900 and find out what we do and how we do it.

Our success rate is over 90% but we know behind every successful search there is a story… click here to see how we change lives

Written by David Oates
FinderMonkey & Family Finders Head Researcher

December 2016

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kirsty charlton
kirsty charlton
17:54 21 Aug 17
FinderMonkey helped my mum get in touch with her long lost brother after 63 years !!!! It only took a couple of months for them to locate him. Correspondence has been sent to him by my mum, it's all so exciting. We would highly recommend FinderMonkey to anyone , they have been really professional and supportive to my mum .read more
Gerry Lamb
Gerry Lamb
14:44 10 Aug 17
Totally professional service. From the start I found the staff courteous and helpful and the Head Researcher in particular was patient, professional, methodical, understanding, for what was - in my case - a near impossible task. I would unhesitatingly highly recommend FinderMonkey to anyone searching for more
Susan Mary Davidson
Susan Mary Davidson
12:19 01 Aug 17
Dear David Many thanks for your report relating to finding the DOB of my biological mother Muriel Hayes. I must admit I was very impressed by the sustained and in depth detail you and your team worked on my behalf. I also found you all to be very caring and supportive throughout the process. In particular your availability to speak directly on the phone without my having to go through a series of 'hoops' and 'music' was much appreciated. Regarding your research I believe you have exhausted any links between my 'unknown' mother and Ulceby - despite various serious attempts having been made in the past at finding her date of birth without success. Finally thankyou for the advice with regard to expanding my DNA coverage across more websites. Should any new information come to light I'll let you know. Sincerely Dr Susan Mary Davidson Susanread more
alison peett
alison peett
17:39 16 Jul 17
Initially I was very wary of using a company such as Finder Monkey as you can't be sure that after paying the initial fee, that the service provided will represent value for money. However having read previous reviews, I felt that this company would be my preferred option. Having finally made the personal decision to try and trace my birth mother, I felt quite anxious about making the initial phone call to Finder Monkey, but as soon as I had made this first contact, my call was handled very professionally and the process to start to search was really quick and efficient. I was allocated a researcher called Dave, who became my personal point of contact, and on every occasion that I called or emailed him, his response was always quick and his telephone manner was really good and I found him very supportive and easy to talk to. I was really impressed with how I was kept up to date with the progress and as things unraveled themselves, Dave was always very happy to receive a call from me to go over the findings and help me understand the information in more detail. Although sadly we found that my birth mother had passed away, Dave discovered that I have two half brothers. So with this information, I also opted to use Finder Monkeys intermediary service. Dave set up the initial contact with one of the brothers and then lined up my first telephone contact. Although this first phone call felt very daunting, again Dave talked me through the process, reassured me of the response I was likely to receive and generally used his experience to guide me forward. I have now made this initial contact and will now be able to make future contact independently. For anyone who is not really sure whether to go ahead and invest their trust and money with this company, I would wholeheartedly recommend more
essene cassidy
essene cassidy
09:05 07 Jul 17
I want to thank Dave and his team for the professional, caring and efficient way that they dealt with my enquiry and search for my birth father. From the first contact with the team I found them to be so empathetic, supporting and helpful to me while I made this difficult journey, Dave actively listened to me and gave me the reassurance and support to see the search through. I was kept constantly updated and was somewhat overwhelmed with the speed at which they were able to successfully complete the search. I now have the answers and some degree of closure to the questions that I had. I highly recommend Dave and findermonkey service to anyone who is searching like I more
andrea horton gaskin
andrea horton gaskin
08:38 16 Jun 17
FinderMonkey have been excellent so far in my search, sensitive to the situation and helpful at every point. Very accommodating to the 13 hr time difference and my availability to contact them by phone. Would definitely recommend them. I got the impression that the staff are genuine in their desire to reunite families and go the extra mile when requiredread more
Maggie Cole
Maggie Cole
12:43 10 May 17
I contacted Finder Monkey mid-April asking their assistance in locating an old friend of mine whom I had not seen or talked with for 50 years. Within weeks they located and contacted my friend and we reconnected. I am very pleased with the service and professionalism shown by the personnel at Finder Monkey. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for a lost friend or family more
anthony swanston
anthony swanston
22:19 28 Apr 17
hi my name is Anthony Swanston and I was in a children's home In the early 80s. I lost contact with a childhood friend when she left in 81 and eveor since have wondered what had happened to her, so I came across finder monkey, I was a bit sceptical at first because of the cost involved but thought I would give it a go as everything else I tried failed, I read reviews about it and that convinced me to go ahead a give it a try, I thought the staff were extremely helpful and polite, I didn't have much information about my long lost friend, but three bits of info seemed to do the trick, her age, what area she was born, and her unusual first name, I was amazed how quickly finder monkey managed to locate her, I cannot thank finder monkey enough for what they have done in no time at all! me and my long lost friend are now planning to make up for lost time! without finder monkey I don't know what I would have done, I would recommend it highly. Thank you so more
Peter Gornall
Peter Gornall
16:19 18 Apr 17
Quite frankly, I'm astonished. They found a cousin who I lost touch with about 60 years ago. I was able to provide very little information to help the search.I provided his mother's maiden name and he was born during the 39/45 war just before his father was killed in action. I now have his accurate date of birth, his present address and everything I need to contact him. Amazing more
Kevin Kemp
Kevin Kemp
19:49 10 Apr 17
I had been attempting to trace my birth mother for many years without success. I contacted FinderMonkey who with their resources and contacts were able to trace my mother in a matter of weeks, a task all the more difficult as I suspected she had relocated to the USA, which turned out to be the case. FinderMonkey offered to act as intermediaries and I decided to take up this option as I was anxious not to cause any distress. My FinderMonkey contact Sue was sensitive, informative and offered good advice as to how best to proceed. I am now connected with my mother, her sisters, and a variety of cousins. I am very happy to recommend more
Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts
00:36 21 Feb 17
Such an amazing company. Thorough, supportive, with you every step of the way. My investigator Sue was absolutely amazing. Such tiny information but managed to find my family. Truly a remarkable company. If I could give more than 5 stars I would ***********read more
Peter Samuel
Peter Samuel
13:27 19 Jan 17
I have been extremely impressed with the service I received recently from Finder Monkey when trying to contact long lost relatives for a friend of mine who was terminally ill. The whole process was professionally carried out and I was kept up to date all along. Results were obtained very quickly. Sue acted with understanding and compassion throughout a difficult and emotional process for the family. All the staff I spoke to were very polite and attentive and acted promptly. In summary, a fantastic service, would that all organisations acted more
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