As an award winning people tracing company we’re asked to find people all over the world and also how we can help in finding people in South Africa. This is because one of the countries we’re most successful in is South Africa. This amazing country has many people living in whose history in connected back to the UK at some point. As a consequence we are often asked to locate addresses, old documents and information on the whereabouts of both living and deceased people in South Africa. It’s actually one of my favourite places to carry out searches in. Unfortunately I don’t get to travel to South Africa every time we are asked to find someone in South Africa but I do get to check our online systems for information and slowly build up a picture of the person we are looking for. It’s certainly the best part of my job, to uncover things, to speak to our overseas teams and get to the bottom of where someone is or what happened to them.

We have an amazing team in South Africa who help us by providing locally sourced information. This means we can offer our award winning customer service and still maintain our 92% success rate. So if you’ve lost touch with someone in South Africa we can help you. Should you wish to do that click here to fill an enquiry form in or call us now on 0113 2825900, we’d be happy to tell you more about what we do and how we do it. If you have any more questions please visit our learning centre where we answer all our customers questions

Our South African people finder team have access to really good information and better still they have the skills to read it and understand it. As well as finding living people in South Africa they can also help with genealogy searches in South Africa too, so if you were looking for an old birth record or potential marriages details but were struggling then again we can help.

Finding people in South Africa from the UK is almost impossible so we’re grateful to have the support of such a wonderful team.
There are several websites that can help you find people in South Africa yourself. These are centred more on genealogy than finding living people but are a good place to start. There is a National Archives of South Africa.

Because of the history between the UK and South Africa (The beginning of relations between South Africa and the UK began on the 31 May 1910 when the Union of South Africa was founded as a Dominion of the British Empire) we are often asked about finding people in South Africa so it’s a big part of the work we do at FinderMonkey and something that we are doing at least a few times every week.

Finding People in South Africa FinderMonkeyThis short article on finding people in South Africa was written by David Oates. Head Researcher at FinderMonkey and BBC1’s Family Finders.

David has been finding people for over ten years and has many successful searches in South Africa under his belt. To have David and his team find someone in South Africa for you simply call us now on 0113 2825900. We’ll be happy to tell you more about what we do and how we do it.

Good luck with your search to find someone in South Africa.