We Find Your Father For You

  • Our team Trace Your Father to a Current Address & Help You Contact Him
  • We provide any emotional support you need
  • 92% Success Rate, As Featured on the Find My Father FinderMonkey TV Series Family Finders

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have unanswered questions about your father.

And perhaps you need to find the answers…

The right time to find your father

When you feel the time is right, we’ll find your father. We’ll arrange your contact with him too. Then support you to finally bring resolution to all those unanswered questions.

Whether you think of him as your father or your dad we can help. Many people come to us to find their dad too. Whatever you call him. We know that you need answers. Who is he and where is he?

We have personal experience of this.

If you feel ready, we can speak to you. We’ll tell you how our process works and how much it costs. This is done via a no obligation telephone call.

Then it’s over to you to decide if we are the right team to find your father for you.

It has to be the right time for you.

If you don’t feel ready to speak to us. That is ok. We can send you some further information about finding your father. Fill in the form above.

How We find your father?

If you do go ahead with a search to find your father, this is an outline of our process.

  • Our research team will contact you, make sure we have all the information you have. Then they will trace your father.
  • Once his is located. The team will tell you BEFORE contacting him.
  • When you are ready and give the go ahead our intermediary team contact him.
  • We have members of the team that can support you and him as needed.
  • We prepare you for any outcome.

Our process gives you the best chance of finding your dad.

We understand that finding your father is a big step

So we want to get that right for you. Our team are only a phone call away now and during your search. They are dedicated to your search. They understand what it means to you.

Finding your father with no information, not even his name!

We can find your father even if you don’t know his name or have any information.

If you would like to find out more about our services to find your father, we’d love to hear from you.

Simply fill in the form above. We’ll send you some further information.

So, what next on your journey to find your father?

That’s up to you. But over the past 14 years, tracing thousands of fathers, we’ve learned that most people are typically in one of the following places right now.

Let us know which one best represents you:

  1. I think I’m ready to begin a search for my Dad.

Great – we need to have a chat then.

Please call us on 0113 282 5900 – we’re here 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or click here to arrange for us to call you.

  1. I’m not sure I want to go ahead yet, but I would like to know more…

Not a problem, we fully understand.

The best thing is for you to click here to schedule a very friendly, no obligation chat with one of our expert team. You’ll find out more about the process and what’s involved.

  1. I’m not  ready to talk just yet.

Again, that’s fine. We understand. Click here to visit our contact us page and ask any questions via email.

We hope to help you soon.

I’m ready to talk about my search

It Was Amazing, I Felt Complete In Life
Find My Father FinderMonkey

"The team were quick to email me the good news. Straight away I was on my phone reading it, it was amazing. I felt complete and it was allowed us to move onto the next part of our lives."

- Natalie Barker

It Was Nerve Wracking, So Many Happy Emotions!
Find My Father FinderMonkey

"It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time."

- Andrea Wood

FinderMonkey Was Really Helpful And Supportive
Find My Father FinderMonkey

"I couldn't believe it. I was quite nervous about calling him out of the blue but FinderMonkey was really helpful and supportive. They sent a letter on my behalf to him at his address in Hertfordshire."

- Claire Heard