Employment Trace – Find out where someone works

An employment trace is a great way to find out where someone works

If you are thinking of enforcing a County Court Judgement with an attachment of earnings or if you need to confirm a person’s employment with a view to lending them money or renting them a property then an employment trace is a simple cost effective solution.

Simply fill in the order form and we will provide you with the current employment status for that person.

One of our expert trace researchers will carry out a manual search before telephoning the employer to confirm the information.

Searches are discreet and can be carried out in two ways. The simplest way is to allow us to represent you and call the person directly to confirm or obtain information before verifying that information with the employer. Alternatively, we will obtain the information without arousing suspicion which is a more intensive process but is something out staff are highly trained to do.

In all cases, the information supplied will be verified with the employer. This type of work is very specialised and is carried out by a senior researcher in the FinderMonkey trace team. The total fee is only £249. This fee is none refundable due to the costs involved in searching.

Our service is regulated by the Credit Services Association and we are Data Protection compliant, ensuring we can access the most accurate information in the UK. The FinderMonkey.co.uk payment system has been verified by Safebuy and the PCI Security Council as secure and safe to use.

If you interested in this service or have any questions please contact us on 0113 2825900 regarding our employment trace service.