Project Description


Do you search just in the UK?

No, we can search all over the world now via our network of researchers.

If you instruct us to find someone in the UK. Then we’ll do over 90% of the searches in-house, here in our office in Leeds. Sometimes we used specialist researchers that can access local knowledge for us. This could be to locate a document or check something for us. The information comes back to your researcher who will make an assessment of what happens next. They will decide what to do or where to send your search next.

Outside of the UK, that process continues. So in most countries we now have a team of researchers, historians and archivists on hand to find information for us. Your search will still be worked centrally by a member of the FinderMonkey research team. The researcher will ensure you are kept up to date every step of the way.

If we are asked to instruct people in a country that we haven’t worked in before we have a clear process to follow to find the best people to help with the search and the process continues.

We have a great record of finding people in Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Most European Countries and South Africa. We have also located people in more difficult regions of the world such as Qatar, Israel, South China Seas and Nigeria.

If you are considering finding someone in the UK or beyond. Then the simplest way to move forward and to find out more is to call us on 0113 282 5900 and we’ll be happy to help.