Project Description


No we search all over the world.

We can perform a UK search and find that someone has moved abroad. You’d then have the option to continue the search overseas. Or sometimes people come to us and already know that their person is in another country, we can help you guys too.

If we have a standard UK search then you can expect that 90% of the work that is carried out on your search will be done by one of the team here at FinderMonkey HQ. Occasionally your researcher will instruct a local researcher or historian to gather some information or cross reference some facts.

If we’re looking overseas then again your UK researcher will work the case from our UK office to a point. Usually we will carry out some UK investigations (especially if your person was born in the UK and then moved overseas) and then we’ll instruct a researcher in that specific country.

We are blessed with a network of amazing researchers built up over the last ten years. It’s now at a point where we have multiple researchers in most countries who have their own area of expertise.

This has led to us finding…

• Long lost brothers in Spain
• Fathers in Australia
• Uncles in Qatar
• Sisters in America
• Old Friends in the South China Sea!

All our researchers understand our core values and are expected to work to the same standard as our team in our UK office. They most show the same level of care and diligence as our UK team. Don’t worry though, your in house FinderMonkey researcher will oversee your search regardless of which country we are searching in.

Here are some countries in which we are finding people on a regular basis…

• Australia
• Canada
• New Zealand
• Spain
• France
• South Africa

Don’t worry if the country you want to search isn’t listed above, we’ve conducted successful searches in the South China Sea Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Denmark and many more.