Project Description


Do you make contact with the person?

We believe that we have a duty of care to both you and the person you are asking us to find. With that in mind, we do prefer to make the initial contact on your behalf but we can legally provide you with the address without making contact with them. We would encourage you to use our service to make contact on your behalf. People who do this have a stronger relationship with the person we have found. You need to consider the current situation of the person you are looking for. They might need some time to come to terms with you finding them. They might have an initial reaction that might not be as positive as you would like. Sometimes there are people in their life that they

Undoubtedly the people we find and then contact appreciate the extra care. We can put you back in touch in a way that suits both parties and allows any reunion to go smoothly.

Up and coming changes to data protection laws may mean that we have to contact every person we trace. We are currently carrying out a full audit into this and will keep you posted on our blog.