Project Description


Do I get documents to support what you have found?

We can order several documents on a search to help further its progress. Typical documents would be birth certificates, a death certificate or maybe a marriage certificate. On other searches, documents just aren’t necessary and we can make an assessment and progress the search without them. So it really depends on the individual search, what information we already have from you. Followed by what information we were able to find without a document.

A document can be a useful way to find out key information about a person. That can then be used to trace them to their current address.

This could be something as simple as the birth certificate telling us someone’s exact date of birth.

A death record telling us who the informant of a death was. Also, a marriage certificate to fill in a blank about a middle name or parent’s occupation.

As you can see they can be very useful in a search.

For some of our customers, it’s really important to see our process. They do insist on seeing documents so if that’s you we are more than happy to provide though. Other customers take our lead. Your final report will always show you how we found your person. It will also evidence how the person we have found is your exact person. Sometimes this will include a document if it was required, other times it will just be the record of the document from our systems.

When will you order documents?

The only times we will insist on obtaining a document is if we know for certain it will move the search forward or if we find out someone has passed away. Documents are included in the price of your search so we are happy to order them and order at least ten each and every day to progress searches.

If we find someone has passed away we will always order the death certificate as it contains important information such as the cause of death. This could be critical information especially if we are working on behalf of a birth relative. It can also open new avenues of enquiry as a death certificate will also contain an informant of the death. This is usually a relative.

If you feel that documents are important to you. Then we would be happy to order the relevant ones for your records. Most people who use our service are more concerned with the results of the search rather than the process of how we got to those results. We are happy to be judged on the accuracy of the information we provide you. This is because we guarantee our results we have no issue.

Lots of checks are carried out to ensure we have found the correct person. Your report will ensure that you feel confident that we have found them.

If you’ like to discuss with us the possibility of using our service to locate someone you’ve lost touch with or never met, just call us now on 0113 282 5900 and we’ll be happy to help.