Data Cleansing – Reduce Your Costs & Save Your Time

Data Cleansing is the key to increasing your bottom line. Everyone knows it is easier and more effective to sell more to an existing customer or client, than it is to find new ones.  But if you can’t contact them your missing out.

We make contacting people easy by updating or validating your information, manually!

Here at FinderMonkey, we manually update your databases of existing customers and clients with their new addresses and telephone numbers so you can contact more people, this manual approach maximises the quality of the results we capture.
Unlike other services, we provide a detailed service that is NOT automated and we obtain our data from a wide range of sources. Our expert team work hard to ensure they explore every avenue to reach a positive result for you. Would an automated service do that?

So how does all this help you?

Data Validation is key, you need to make sure that your database is accurate before trying to contact people within it. By using our service to capture any new contact information you will have a much greater chance of selling services. We also specialise in obtaining telephone numbers including mobile numbers and can include these in your results making it easy for you to contact debtors, existing customer’s or new prospects.

Why we are better?

Because we are a specialist people tracing company we approach data cleansing from another angle, we run your data through all our in-depth systems manually to ensure we provide the most accurate data mining available.

Here is how we are different

  • Our Data Cleansing service is carried out by people, our service is not automated – This means we capture the best data that we know will be of use to you and your organisation
  • We are People Location Specialists, consequently we have access to more data that many of our automated competitors and cross reference our systems to bring you the most accurate results
  • We have access to landline and mobile numbers if you want them
  • We offer a bespoke service and work differently with each of our clients
  • Our key data is New Addresses and Telephone Numbers but we can provide the usual data sets.

If you have used one of our competitors, why not send us the records that they could not update and we will run the records through our systems, you only pay for successfully updated information. So what do you have to lose? is authorised by Safebuy and the PCI Security Council as a safe website to use. Realex provides our online payment system.

We are members of the Credit Services Association and are data protection compliant so call us on 0113 2825900 to discuss your exact requirements and let us help you save time and money with our data cleansing service.