Charter of Client Rights and Responsibilities

Thank you for choosing us.

FinderMonkey is a Trace and Intermediary Agency. We are delighted you have chosen us to support you on your journey to find and attempt to contact your person.

This guide is to ensure you understand our process. It sets a clear agenda as to what we can do to help you but also what we cannot do.

What you have instructed us to do.

You have instructed us to attempt to locate and contact someone on your behalf.  We have explained our costs, and you have paid a non-refundable deposit. We will not process any further payments without contacting you first.

What happens next.

We have a clear process that we follow. This process keeps you, the person we are looking for and our organisation safe. It also ensures the highest chance of a positive outcome.

The first step in the process as our client, is your consultation.  We will arrange this with you shortly. The consultation is an opportunity to collect further details and discuss your needs fully.

What we cannot do for you.

Our team follow a clear process but there are situations we cannot control. We have explained and you have agreed you understand the following,

– We cannot control if your person does not respond when we contact them. We never make more than three letter contacts to anyone’s address.

– We cannot control if your person has passed away or if they do not want contact.

– We never visit properties as part of our service or pass on any personal data.

– We cannot speak to third parties about your search and will not do so.

We can support you through these outcomes and work hard to maximise the chance of a positive outcome.

Our expectations of you.

Please treat our staff with the respect and kindness they will show you. Some searches are complicated and frustrating, but we will not accept abusive or threatening calls.

If this is occurring, we will ask you to call back at a later time.

If at any time we feel that you are not approaching the search with a respectful and reasonable attitude towards all involved, we reserve the right to close the search down.

To protect you.

If you are going through a vulnerable time, please tell us. We may ask a professional such as doctor, nurse, or counsellor to confirm it is safe to go ahead with your search. This may need to be on our file before we proceed.

We have a duty to protect vulnerable adults from exploitation. You must tell us about any vulnerabilities or special needs so we can support you and exercise our duty of care. This should be done during your consultation.

Please let us have diversity information in your consultation. This allows us to run a respectful service that meets your cultural needs. This can be any sensitivity around gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or any equality issue.

We have a counselling service to support you through the intermediary service through solution focussed counselling.    This does not address long term or enduring mental health issues.  We will endeavour to sign post you to any extra support you may need.  Please also see our website for signposting to supportive mental health services.  Please inform us if any problems arise for you in this regard.

If you are not happy at any point with our service you.

We have a clear complaints procedure. You should use this at any point if you do not feel you are getting the level of service you have paid for. The complaints procedure is on our website.

Time Frames.

We always endeavour to complete our work in a timely fashion. Sometimes there are unavoidable delays due to regulations. We will keep you posted of the reason for delays.

And finally.

Again, thank you for choosing our service. We find this framework of care allows us to do the best possible work for you as we strive to get you the best outcome.  We have a range of advice leaflets on our sister website on every aspect of our Intermediary work in order to support you but please address any questions to us at