Project Description


Can you find people if I only have a name?

This simple answer is yes, we can find people with only a name.

That’s what makes us the best at what we do. If we only have a name it makes the search harder, sometimes a lot harder, but by no means is it impossible.

But how do we do it?

Well, if you instruct us to carry out a search for you then what our research team will do is take all the information you’ve provided about your person and cross-reference it with other information that we can find.

So let’s say, as an example, you’re looking for your Dad. You can change this to any other relative or friend as the principle is the same.

We’ll take all the information you provide, this might be his name as that’s all you have, right? Well in most cases people do have more information than that. Our trained researchers are really good at having a chat with you about your person. During this chat, they will be noting down what information is useful in finding them. If you do decide to have a consultation with us, you should speak freely and openly about your person with confidence. You should know that the smallest piece of information could be crucial.

So in the example of an absent father, you‘d know that he was with your mum around nine months before you were born. So we now have his name, an area of the country he was in and another person he was connected to.

These are huge nuggets of information for us to work with!

Then we can also look at the circumstances around that time. Maybe someone remembers his job, a hobby, where he was born, roughly how old he was.
Again these little things, when given to a skilled researcher, can make all the difference.

These small pointers that allow us to explore many avenues. What we’re doing at the stage is crossing these anecdotal facts against possible matches and trying to narrow the search. Obviously, if you do know more information, then that does speed up the process but if you don’t we’ll still give it our best shot.

What if you can’t find them?

If we can’t find your person then we would provide you with a full breakdown of what we had done. We never really close a case, in the event that we can’t find the person we’ll provide our report. This report will show you all the word we carried out but also let you read through it and see if it provokes any response or further line of enquiry we can explore. We’re always happy to explain what we have done to try and locate your person. We will also explain what we could do next.

Our researchers leave no stone unturned, they understand that you’re investing a lot of hope in us. We can’t promise you that we will find your person. If you have very limited information then it will be harder. However rest assured, if this is a big deal to you and you feel like you’re at the last chance saloon, all we can say is we will do our best to help you.

So can we find people if you only have a name? Yes we can.